iVIEW for HR
iVIEW for HR

Human resources in the digital era

Thanks to iVIEW for HR, we offer a holistic overview of the personnel situation and efficient control of workforce development. Our individual standard application enables you to optimally design your processes and digitise your human resources data.

Valuable information at a glance

  • What can you achieve with this information?

    • Ensure coverage of the workforce
    • Show the structure of the workforce
    • Gain an overview of entries and exits
    • Monitor time management of the whole company
    • Make better hiring decisions
    • Keeping remuneration (salary) in balance
    • Identify talents and high performers
    • Encourage employee development
  • Why is this information so important to you?

    • A workforce structure that is as diversified as possible covers a broader range of skills
    • Indicates personnel bottlenecks
    • Staff and resource planning can be made more efficient
    • Information about previous hires enables optimised hiring decisions in the future
    • Ensure that employees are paid well enough to perform well and feel satisfied, while meeting the company's budgetary needs
    • High performers can be promoted and retained through targeted assignments or training

iVIEW for HR optimises your processes and workflows

  • How does an HR department function without this information?

    • There would be no overall picture of your workforce, changes, development, timekeeping, absences, salary
    • Without holistic HR reporting, the information would be fragmented and would not allow for a comprehensive view of the data
    • HR's efficiency and effectiveness would be limited
    • HR would have to invest more time in day-to-day operations and would therefore have less time to focus on strategic measures and employee satisfaction.
  • In which HR processes can BI be used to advantage?

    • Headcount / Entries and exits
    • Time measurement / Absence measurement
    • Application funnel
    • Salary measurement
    • Promotion measurement / Training offer
    • HR staff / management

Impressions HR Dashboard with Qlik Sense

  • iVIEW for HR
  • iVIEW for HR
  • iVIEW for HR
  • iVIEW for HR
  • iVIEW for HR
  • iVIEW for HR

Who benefits most from iVIEW for HR?

The key question

We would like to help you find the answer to the central question of every company:

What does the personnel situation look like and how does each individual employee develop?.

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