Process Mining in Qlik Sense or Power BI

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    Informatec's Head of Consulting & Projects Oliver Ruf explains how you can find out more about your target and current processes in your existing BI environment (Qlik or Microsoft PowerBI) with our add-on "iVIEW.process mining".

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Business Intelligence applications can do much more than the classic visualisation of financial or sales key figures. Thanks to process mining, companies can enter the field of Business Process Management with their existing BI solution. With process mining, you not only get to know the What? (Descriptive), but also the Why? (diagnostic) by extracting the process reality from the data. This discipline promotes process transparency, reveals correlations and causes and makes it possible to analyse individual processes in a targeted manner. With iVIEW.process mining, process-related data (event logs) are analysed and documented in Qlik Sense or Power BI. This is an efficient way to design your optimal target processes.

iVIEW.process mining für PBI / Qlik

Benefits of iVIEW.process mining

  • Profitable investment protection

    • A BI tool that is familiar to key users means little training for users.
    • Using existing connections to data sources means fast and stable setup and implementation.
    • Avoiding duplicate implementation for a BI system and a separate process mining system means less wasted time and tied up resources.
  • Iterative implementation

    • Existing data analytics applications are extended with process perspectives.
    • Connections to new data sources are available for process mining and BI.
    • The BI system is not replaced, but enhanced.
    • Know-how and (online) support for Power BI and Qlik Sense are quickly available.
  • Secure access management

    • iVIEW.process mining uses the BI tool for authentication and as authorisation concept.
    • These can be extended to include further user groups and access rights; no additional infrastructure required.
    • Data security is ensured through the use of proven BI systems; no introduction of new security risks.
  • Cross-platform strategy

    • Many companies use multiple BI tools, depending on the preferences and requirements of a department or business unit.
    • iVIEW.process mining is not tied to a specific tool. Connection to Power BI and Qlik Sense possible.
    • The data remains in the data source or BI tool, so future consolidation and migration are easy.
  • Powerful tool

    • Use of a specific data model for a specific BI system increases performance.
    • Data model can be extended with new data sets at any time.
    • Existing and new data sets can be combined without new set-up.
    • Multi event log: Simultaneous representation of processes at different levels of granularity. Customizable layout: Colour and sorting options according to personal preferences.

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Impressions iVIEW.process mining

  • iVIEW. Process Mining screenshot Informatec
  • iVIEW. Process Mining screenshot Informatec
  • iVIEW. Process Mining screenshot Informatec
  • iVIEW. Process Mining screenshot Informatec
  • iVIEW. Process Mining screenshot Informatec
  • iVIEW. Process Mining screenshot Informatec
  • iVIEW. Process Mining screenshot Informatec

Features iVIEW.process mining


Process Analyzer

Process Analyzer QlikProcess Analyzer Power BI


The Process Analyzer offers a range of functionalities for the analysis of processes

  • Change Display Direction
  • Change Display< Mode
    • Further dimensions (turnover, costs, avg. leadtime…)
    • Thickness and color intensity of the edges indicate the value
  • Filtering
    • Event Filtering
    • Transition Filtering
    • Multipe filter selection possible
  • Display options
    • Adjustable color scheme to match a company’s styleguide
  • Event and transition search
    • Loop indicator
    • Start and end node indicator
  • Target Process Comparison
    • Instant identification of deviations
    • Filtering options in target process
    • Highlights target process events and transitions
  • Process complexity adjustment
    • Slider for setting the number of variants displayed

Variants Analyzer

Variants Analyzer QlikVariants Analyzer Power BI


The Variants Analyzer offers a range of functionalities to analyze process variants in a chevron chart

  • Filtering: Choosing a variant selects the particular data set
    • Multiple selection possible
    • Adjustable color scheme to match a company’s styleguide
  • Variant figures
    • ADisplayed in a tooltip when hovering over variant
    • Any existing ERP system data processable
  • Variants can be ordered by multiple user-defined measures

Event Analyzer

Event Filter


The Events Filter by offers several options to filter process variants on event level

  • Divided into three areas:
    • events that trigger at least one other event
    • filter & settings area
    • events that are triggered by others

What is Process Mining?

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