Webinar "Data Quality - BI is more than just colorful dashboards".

Date: Wed, 25.03.2020
Time: 02:30 p.m. - 03:00 p.m.

This webinar will focus on the topic "Data quality as the fundamental basis of your Qlik analytics with InfoZoom". On 25.03.2020 from 14:30 to 15:00.


Although valid data is the foundation of successful analysis, the underlying database is rarely questioned when creating dashboards. In everyday work with data, data quality is neglected, especially under time pressure. Successful BI is much more than just colorful dashboards: Key figures that deliver Qlik are the end result, but the quality of your data determines whether you can really trust your decisions. 
Don't leave anything to chance in your Qlik analyses - in our webinar we will show you how the Fraunhofer InfoZoom idea can uncover critical data constellations with just a few clicks, plausibilise data, compare duplicates, standardize spellings and recognize format errors, etc. You will learn how to make data quality easily visible and how to easily integrate agile data quality management into the everyday life of all departments and companies.  Not only do you deliver fast results, you also play it safe with your dashboards! 

InfoZoom serves as a useful supplement to validate and improve the data basis for your Qlik analytics.


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Daniel Marcuse

Daniel Marcuse


humanIT Software

Christian Fischer

Christian Fischen

Head of Sales



Video: Data Quality Management with InfoZoom

Finally understand the entire data situation at a glance

Finally no more cryptic characters - data quality finally becomes tangible


Duplicates, format errors, special characters, data gaps, etc. - recognize critical data constellations at a glance. Uncover critical data constellations at the push of a button, check data for plausibility, match duplicates, standardize spelling, recognize format errors, etc. - check your data BEFORE analysis. In this way you not only deliver fast results but also play it safe in your decisions!


Clean data - Prepare analytics

Data Wischsauber

Harmonize and plausibilise your data and correct them in no time at all - validate your data in preparation for your analysis.


Agile data quality management

BI Circle

InfoZoom supports ERP, CRM and BI solutions
The software is used in addition to many ERP, CRM and BI solutions to validate and improve the data basis for the analyses.

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