The tool makes it possible to create modular and customizable mash-up views for Qlik Sense. Users can build their own web solution by

  • generating their own templates or choosing from pre-established ones
  • selecting Qlik Sense objects to include and positioning them inside the template
  • assigning customized labels and titles to each object
  • aggregating information through navigation tabs and modals
  • previewing, versioning and deploying


Thanks to iVIEW Designer our customers can determine how final user experiences BI, while adding value and guidance to data visualization.


iVIEW Designer is suitable for users with all levels of expertise. With this platform users experience a consistent and guided workflow by shaping and editing content without needing to code. This tool is especially appealing for companies who want to take the leap from QlikView to Qlik Sense and customize web applications, giving them a modern and fresh look.


  • iVIEW Designer 1
  • iVIEW Designer 2
  • iVIEW Designer
  • iVIEW Designer 4
  • iVIEW Designer 5
  • iVIEW Designer 6


  • End-to-End Solution

    Template selection > Editing > Preview > Publishing

  • Page structures

    iVIEW Designer offers an extension-free and fully responsive interface that allows you to choose from a range of templates and flexibily edit your views

  • Design

    The Navigation is compliant with Corporate Design (CI/CD) and the intuitive interface allows for a seamless workflow while building your web solution

  • Deployment

    You can preview your work before publishing for all final users

  • Extensions free

    No extensions needed, but extensions may of course be used

  • Versioning

    You can compare bewteen versions


  • Web solution management

    With iVIEW Designer it is possible to create, edit and publish web solutions. To accomplish all this there is no coding involved! This tool allows the user to build and manage his web application without any prior coding knowledge, giving him the freedom to focus on how to best display relevant information.

  • Qlik Sense integration

    The user (professional or analyzer) can make use of any previously self-defined metrics from already existing Qlik Sense applications, by embedding these Qlik objects in iVIEW Designer and populating vacant template slots. This means working independently from the Qlik Sense engine all the while retrieving data from it.

  • Intuitive and consistent design

    Customization options are transversal to the every web solution which allows the user to edit groups of elements at the same time. These options make it so that the look and feel of the web solution remains consistent. It also allows for quick and easy customization of components that share the same properties.

iVIEW Designer Preview Video


In addition to the project-related use of iVIEW, Informatec develops BI products & solutions for specific, standardizable customer and market needs on the same platform.


iVIEW basiert auf soliden Business-Intelligence-Technologien wie Qlik und Jedox. Diese bilden die Basis für robuste und gleichzeitig anpassungsfähige Lösungen.

  • Technologien - Qlik
  • Technologien Jedox


Das sagen unsere iVIEW-Kunden

  • « Thanks iVIEW for ABACUS we have developed a unique solution for budgeting, monitoring, medium-term planning and calculation. In this way, we gain in efficiency, speed and accuracy. »

    Daniel Grossniklaus

    Director Finance and Services, Swiss-Ski

  • « We set the bar very high with our requirements for major international events of several years, but with iVIEW for ABACUS (AXview) and Jedox we have not yet reached the limits of performance in any discipline. »

    Daniel Schlapbach

    Head of Finance, Swiss Olympic

  • « We had clear ideas about the required KPIs and were able to implement them with the iVIEW for ABACUS (AXview) Connector. »

    Esther Schneider

    former Head of Finance, Bergbahnen Engelberg-Trübsee-Titlis

  • « We have received a process-oriented 'practioners’ tool' and our collaboration has been more than successful. This way of working results in synergies and accelerates the processes. »

    Daniel Steiner

    former CFO Direct Mail Company AG

  • « The main benefits of iVIEW are clear structured default definitions that are available in a constantly updated fashion. I recommend you get to know iVIEW, because its use leads to a significant workload reduction for internal controlling. »

    Günter Thyssen

    CEO E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG

  • « iVIEW was very quickly implemented. Within a day, the software was installed and the defined standard evaluations available. »

    Rolf Rechenberg

    Institutional/administrative management JOHANNEUM

  • « We are absolutely dependent on a powerful evaluation tool. With iVIEW for ABACUS (AXview), users can immediately see what is currently running in the company. »

    Beat Stolz

    Head of Finance and HR, Compona AG

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