iVIEW for ABACUS - Release 2016

Innovations and enhancements

The business intelligence solution iVIEW for ABACUS has been complemented with several new features and enhancements related to compatibility with the 2016 release of ABACUS. The new features form a seamless addition to the existing individual-standard BI solution, further efficiently enhancing the performance of the individual standard BI solution through the 2016 release. Users can now benefit from a wider scope of reports and data analysis capabilities. Also new is the availability of the ABACUS module Asset Accounting (INVE) and the ability call up PDF documents such as vendor and customer invoices directly from the iVIEW for ABACUS solution.


The Infomatec individual standard BI solution assumes this concept and integrates the corresponding invoices via a direct link into the existing file/archive in ABACUS. The integration of ABACUS files thus offers the possibility of calling up invoices and documents directly from iVIEW for ABACUS. By default, the application for customer and vendor invoices is ensured. However, documents from other applications such as FA / PROJ / WAGES can also be individually applied or integrated. The document can be displayed via a link using the browser and the PDF reader.

Assets accounting

Assets accounting forms part of financial accounting and cost/performance accounting.

In assets accounting, the long-term fixed assets of a company are collected and managed. The task of assets accounting is the evaluation and booking of acquisitions and disposals of fixed assets and the calculation and posting of the respective depreciation.

Assets accounts are subsumed in omnibus accounts. For example, all value changes for vehicles are in the fleet account. Thus for each independently usable item a separate assets card is kept, which contains all the relevant information such as date of purchase, cost and service life. The manually or electronically run assets ledger forms a sub-ledger of the accounting and is the basis for the complete registration of fixed assets in the inventory.

The individual standard BI solution by Informatec now integrates the solution of the standalone INVE application into the existing REWE module (GL / KREDI / DEBI / INVE). The existing assets accounting in ABACUS now also forms part of the solution. By connecting these modules it is now possible to call up KPIs such as investment intensity, the fixed asset ratio or the depreciation rate directly in iVIEW for ABACUS.

The KPIs give a daily overview of fixed assets in the balance sheet structure. In addition to the KPIs, the assets analysis and assets master sheet have been implemented, which facilitates quick analyses per listed asset.


  • Anlagebuchhaltung (INVE)
  • Anlages
  • Anlagestammblatt

Data Optimiser

The data optimiser is an additional fully integrated development which further improves the already excellent performance of the individual standard BI solution iVIEW for ABACUS. The special organisation of the data structure allows unnecessary data to be eliminated, thus optimising access. The integrated optimiser thereby enables the calling up of only those records actually required for the evaluation to be made. The data optimiser has now been integrated into iVIEW 2016, free of charge. It can also be subsequently installed in customer installations with previous versions.

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