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  • Define and Enrich Your Data

    The lifecycle of Qlik Sense applications is determined by the acceptance of users. Translate data into consumable and readable information. iVIEW Library helps you generating and managing this content: KPI definitions, descriptions, metadata to fields, variables etc.

  • Deploy Real Content

    Master data is often encapsuled in a single Qlik Sense application. But what if I could share content and KPI’s with other applications? Scale out your knowledge and deploy to any application in seconds with iVIEW Library.

  • Try Things, Become Literate

    Self-service is not only design new charts. There is the need to reuse data models for ad hoc analysis, try new things, sand-boxing, get to know data! iVIEW Library enables you to select data models, populate an empty app with data, master items and definitions.


  • Web-based Master Data Management

    A web-based application offers you an overview of your Qlik environment, dividing it into streams, data models and final UI applications. Your rôle is to define data items, such as dimensions, measures, variables, field tags, field and label translations etc. Look at this master data as your global catalog – assigning a business or semantic context to your technical definitions, through a simple, lean web interface.

  • Full Automated

    Qlik offers API’s, we actively use them.iVIEW Library fully integrates into Qlik’s functionality. It’s about automating processes and tasks, that are usually done manually with Qlik’s native interface. Avoid « copy/paste » actions to transfer logic between applications.

  • Collective Knowledge

    Your users need readability, autonomy and freedom defining their content. Let them work on predefined data models and ensure the usage of globally accepted master data, as for KPI expressions. You can easily generate an overview of your master data throughout your Qlik environment.

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iVIEW Library Mini-Video

  • BI Consultant Eunice Branco in an interview with Danijela Essia (Project Manager Marketing) about the advantages of "iVIEW Library".

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iVIEW basiert auf soliden Business-Intelligence-Technologien wie Qlik und Jedox. Diese bilden die Basis für robuste und gleichzeitig anpassungsfähige Lösungen.

  • Technologien - Qlik
  • Technologien Jedox


What our iVIEW customers say

  • « Thanks iVIEW for ABACUS we have developed a unique solution for budgeting, monitoring, medium-term planning and calculation. In this way, we gain in efficiency, speed and accuracy. »

    Daniel Grossniklaus

    Director Finance and Services, Swiss-Ski

  • « We set the bar very high with our requirements for major international events of several years, but with iVIEW for ABACUS (AXview) and Jedox we have not yet reached the limits of performance in any discipline. »

    Daniel Schlapbach

    Head of Finance, Swiss Olympic

  • « We had clear ideas about the required KPIs and were able to implement them with the iVIEW for ABACUS (AXview) Connector. »

    Esther Schneider

    former Head of Finance, Bergbahnen Engelberg-Trübsee-Titlis

  • « We have received a process-oriented 'practioners’ tool' and our collaboration has been more than successful. This way of working results in synergies and accelerates the processes. »

    Daniel Steiner

    former CFO Direct Mail Company AG

  • « The main benefits of iVIEW are clear structured default definitions that are available in a constantly updated fashion. I recommend you get to know iVIEW, because its use leads to a significant workload reduction for internal controlling. »

    Günter Thyssen

    CEO E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG

  • « iVIEW was very quickly implemented. Within a day, the software was installed and the defined standard evaluations available. »

    Rolf Rechenberg

    Institutional/administrative management JOHANNEUM

  • « We are absolutely dependent on a powerful evaluation tool. With iVIEW for ABACUS (AXview), users can immediately see what is currently running in the company. »

    Beat Stolz

    Head of Finance and HR, Compona AG

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