• Easy planning directly in the Qlik Sense interface

    The extension enables simple planning processes directly in Qlik Sense. Data entry and workflow control is done directly in the BI solution and offers easy handling. Possible use cases are:

    • Cost and revenue planning
    • Budget planning
    • Sales planning and control
    • CRM extension
    • Project planning
    • Marketing Controlling
    • Forecasting
  • Enter planning figures at different levels

    Fast top-down or bottom-up planning possible at all hierarchical levels. Data can be aggregated or entered in detail in pivot tables. For example, a whole year or individual months can be planned.

  • Create simple workflows

    The planning process can be workflow-supported. For example, the first data entry is done by the sales staff. After the planned figures have been submitted, the sales manager is given the option to release or reject them by controlling the planning status.

    (For more complex, multi-level workflows with e-mail notification and much more, we recommend Jedox)

  • Creation of simple business rules

    Simple calculations such as seasonal distribution or weighting of factors are possible. (For more complex business rules such as cost allocation we recommend Jedox)


  • Basic data are available

    Planning can be based on existing or historical actual data, previous year values or budget versions directly from Qlik Sense.

  • Direct analyses of plan scenarios in Qlik Sense

    The recorded planning data can be seamlessly loaded into the existing Qlik Sense analyses. This allows detailed analysis and comparison of your plan scenarios with current data or other plan data.


  • Writeback functionality

    Write back the plan data either to a file, a separate database or the original database. Free choice of database technology (MS SQL, ORACLE, MySQL etc.). A direct reload of planning data into the Qlik Sense data model can be automated immediately after input.

  • Full integration via native Qlik APIs

    Future-proof integration with Qlik Sense and continuous maintenance and development.

  • Security and Governance

    Complete control over data entry options via Active Directory connection. The existing Qlik Sense Security is not affected.

  • Responsive Design

    Full functionality - regardless of the terminal device. Planning data can be entered directly on the mobile device.

  • Version control and history

    History and versioning of plan data at database level.

  • iVIEW.plan
  • iVIEW.Portal
  • iVIEW.Portal
  • iVIEW.Portal

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Informatecs Head of Technology & Solutions Flávio Soares erklärt die Vorteile von iVIEW.plan und iVIEW.comment in der Praxis.

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iView is based on solid business intelligence technologies, such as Qlik and Jedox. These form the basis for stable and adaptive solutions.

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What our iVIEW customers say

  • « Thanks iVIEW for ABACUS we have developed a unique solution for budgeting, monitoring, medium-term planning and calculation. In this way, we gain in efficiency, speed and accuracy. »

    Daniel Grossniklaus

    Director Finance and Services, Swiss-Ski

  • « We set the bar very high with our requirements for major international events of several years, but with iVIEW for ABACUS (AXview) and Jedox we have not yet reached the limits of performance in any discipline. »

    Daniel Schlapbach

    Head of Finance, Swiss Olympic

  • « We had clear ideas about the required KPIs and were able to implement them with the iVIEW for ABACUS (AXview) Connector. »

    Esther Schneider

    former Head of Finance, Bergbahnen Engelberg-Trübsee-Titlis

  • « We have received a process-oriented 'practioners’ tool' and our collaboration has been more than successful. This way of working results in synergies and accelerates the processes. »

    Daniel Steiner

    former CFO Direct Mail Company AG

  • « The main benefits of iVIEW are clear structured default definitions that are available in a constantly updated fashion. I recommend you get to know iVIEW, because its use leads to a significant workload reduction for internal controlling. »

    Günter Thyssen

    CEO E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG

  • « iVIEW was very quickly implemented. Within a day, the software was installed and the defined standard evaluations available. »

    Rolf Rechenberg

    Institutional/administrative management JOHANNEUM

  • « We are absolutely dependent on a powerful evaluation tool. With iVIEW for ABACUS (AXview), users can immediately see what is currently running in the company. »

    Beat Stolz

    Head of Finance and HR, Compona AG

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