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Experience a full day of exciting customer cases, get active yourself at our workshops „DISCOVERY“ (beginner level) and „BOOSTER“ (expert level) and get valuable input from our qualified business intelligence consultants.

Whether you're hungry for education or thirsty for knowledge, our Qlik Discovery & Booster Day 2022 is guaranteed to cover your data intelligence needs - catering included! 


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Benefit from a broad ecosystem around Qlik. Our technology, development and collaboration partners present valuable solutions and add-ons to help you get the most out of your business intelligence investment.

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Date & Location

Thursday, 27 October 2022

09:00 - 17:00 - Ambassador House (Zürich)

Thurgauerstrasse 101, 8152 Opfikon

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Best Practice 2022 - Customer presentations

Universitätsspital Basel - with Qlik

Manage staff absences with near-real-time analytics


Due to the pandemic, there are many short-term staff absences in hospital operations. Entire departments are down at the start of shifts because staff fall ill or have to go into quarantine. Management must react quickly and replace nursing staff across teams and departments. To do this, you need an overview of the situation in other departments and bed occupancy. The information is available in a QA dashboard or report.

Technology: Data is replicated from SAP ISH and the personnel management tool (Polypoint PEP) and in real-time into the DWH. This happens within seconds. The DWH (SAP HANA) is built purely with logical calculation views without physical (persisted) tables. The QlikSense app loads the data directly from the SAP HANA database and visualizes it.

Speakers: Bernd Jägle, Senior Consultant Big Data & Analytics & Miriam Lehners, HR Analyst

Universitätsspital Basel Logo

Stäubli - with Qlik

VIEW Dataflow for fast results: Sales Dashboard directly from SAP data


Stäubli is a leading global solution provider of advanced mechatronic and automation technologies. The Electrical Connectors Division delivers top performance worldwide in the competence and innovation areas of electrical connection solutions from individual parts to complex systems.

You will learn how Stäubli can use Informatec and iVIEW Dataflow to analyze their SAP data easily and directly with Qlik Sense. The planned migration from QlikView to Qlik Sense was also important. By using iVIEW Dataflow, the existing loading processes as well as the data models from QlikView could be migrated to Qlik Sense in a documented and structured form during this project.

As a result, new Qlik Sense dashboards for sales and quality have been created, which access a solid and scalable database and thus meet the highest governance requirements.

Speakers: Remy Baumberger, Division Finance Officer & Lukas Sterchi, Corporate Controlling Officer

Logo Stäubli

Rahn AG - with Jedox und Consilix

SAP data-based sales and financial planning

Rahn AG

RAHN AG chose Jedox as its planning software, which is used in combination with QlikView as a delivery tool for SAP data for planning in the areas of sales and finance. With a re-design of the architecture and logics, Consilix helped RAHN AG achieve a sustainable, high-performance solution for the group's complex sales and financial planning.

Speaker: Frau Milena Grossmann, Head of Finance, RAHN AG

Rahn logo

EDEKA Südwest Fleisch GmbH - with CSB System SE

Business data originating from the CSB-System are displayed in a high-performance and dynamic evaluation tool

EDEKA Südwest Fleisch

Edeka Südwest Fleisch GmbH and CSB System SE jointly present their experience with the project Integration of ERP Data and BI. In this presentation, the various challenges in the area of key figure definition, interpretation of data and transfer to the Qlik system will be discussed in particular. Business evaluations will be considered as well as the challenges in the area of machine data integration and the various data sources.

Speakers: Martin Skazel, Head of administration, EDEKA Südwest Fleisch GmbH & Dr. Oliver Marz, Head of Business Development, CSB System SE

Universitätsspital EDEKA Südwest Fleisch

Dive into the world of Data Intelligence!

Who is our "Qlik Discovery & Booster Day 2022“ for?

  • Data Intelligence curious people, who want to discover Qlik and try it out directly. Our "Discovery" sessions are best suited for this purpose.

  • Qlik users, who want to discover more add-ons, connectors and features of the proven Qlik platform depending on their individual system landscape.

  • Qlik power users, developers and data architects, who want to learn best practices for the professional use and further development of their Qlik applications.


  • 09:15  Brief presentation Informatec
  • 09:25  Presentation round Partners & Speakers
  • 09:35  Qlik - Keynote 
  • 09:50  iVIEW Library "See Data Clearly"
  • 10:30  Customer presentation Stäubli
  • 11:00  Customer presentation Universitätsspital Basel
  • 11:35  PARTNER SESSIONS: Mail & Deploy / Calyps
  • 12:05  Lunch
  • 14:35  Customer presentation EDEKA Südwest Fleisch with CSB-System
  • 15:05  Customer presentation Rahn AG  with Jedox & Consilix
  • 15:35  Customer presentation AI & Machine Learning with DataRobot
  • 16:15  PARTNER SESSIONS: Consilix & Jedox / DataRobot
  • 16:45  Closing & After-work beer

Program overview in detail - Zürich 27.10.2022

Qlik Discovery & Booster Day 2022 Agenda
Please note that the agenda will be continuously adapted and supplemented. 

Presentations, Live demos & Hands-on workshops INFORMATEC


    Hands-on workshops: Create your own Qlik Sense app - easily and quickly

    Qlik Sense Hands on Workshops

    Part 1: Load and transform data

    Part 2: Data visualization

    What if everyone in your organization could create a dynamic dashboard to explore massive amounts of data and gain valuable insights - and share them with every colleague? Join our free workshop and experience the Qlik Platform! The power of Data Discovery enables you to discover new, data-driven opportunities. Our experts will show you step-by-step how to create a fully functional dashboard, easily navigate your application, and use interactive storytelling to showcase your insights.

    Speaker: Purushoththaman Shanmuganathan, Informatec

    Live Demo: iVIEW Process Mining for Qlik

    iVIEW process  mining for Qlik

    With the extension for BI systems, process mining makes the process perspective to a natural extension of Qlik Sense applications. In this session, you will learn what iVIEW.process mining is and how you can seamlessly integrate process mining into new and familiar BI solutions without BI developers and users having to spend time learning another tool.

    Speaker: Oliver Ruf, Informatec


    iVIEW Library

    Key performance indicators (KPIs) are used by companies to measure their performance against targets. Closely monitoring KPIs can help you gain a better overview of where you are succeeding and where there is room for improvement. However, in a data-intensive organization, KPIs can get muddled and lost as duplicates, redundancies, and changes in logic render them completely invalid. Thanks to iVIEW Library, you can get a handle on managing KPIs and ensure they are measurable, actionable, and transparent. iVIEW Library gives you the ability to track items across the Qlik landscape within your organization. It also provides more than just KPI management. iVIEW Library is a standalone web application for managing and deploying master data elements and content definitions for Qlik. It gives you the ability to define, enrich, and deploy your data. The iVIEW Library provides a single point of truth for Qlik content and provides a central library for all Qlik applications.

    Speakers: Flávio Soares & Nadia Coelho, Informatec

Presenations, Live Demos & Hands-on workshops PARTNERS

  • Qlik - Unleash the full potential of your data with Qlik

    SESSION: Qlik Data Intelligence Platform

    The sophisticated Qlik Discovery platform enables your employees and business departments to extract valuable insights from data and use them to drive data-driven transformation of your business. Inaccessible information, incomplete analysis, and laborious spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Qlik offers the latest generation of business intelligence and guarantees a sensational edge in data democratization, augmented intelligence and embedded analytics.

    Speaker: Karl Lukas, Qlik
  • Jedox - The seamless integration of budgeting and planning functions

    SESSION: Qlik-Jedox Integration for financial planning

    Accelerate your planning process. Jedox Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence software optimizes planning, budgeting and forecasting across all departments - from finance to sales, HR and purchasing. Improve business processes by integrating your financial controlling with operational plans, increase data quality, and shorten planning cycles across the enterprise. A direct interface to Qlik allows efficient data exchange with your Qlik applications, even seamless embedding of Jedox applications into Qlik dashboards is possible. In this workshop, you will learn how the integration with Jedox and the embedding in a Qlik application works, based on a financial planning. It will be shown how Qlik and Jedox can be connected thanks to an O-Data interface. This makes it possible to import planning values from workflows and other activities into Qlik.

    Speakers: Lars Stewin, Jedox & Felix Winterling, Consilix
    Jedox Logo
  • DataRobot - from BI to AI based on DataRobot and Qlik

    SESSION: Marketing Cross Selling Campaign 

    How do I identify the opportunity with existing customers to sell new products? Which customer has the potential? Thanks to machine learning we recognize the right customers and consequently we can control the marketing measure. Thanks to the analysis of past data, we recognize which customer responded to which of our measures and bought the new product. By means of predictions, we can target our customers more specifically and increase the probability of a purchase.

    Speaker: Daniel Hladky, DataRobot
  • CSB SYSTEM - ERP Integration for the Food Industry

    SESSION: CSB BI Connect for Qlik Sense - Presentation with EDEKA 

    CSB BI Connect is the partner profile solution for your BI project. In cooperation with Swiss Informatec, we provide our customers with a complete package that allows them to directly link large amounts of data from the CSB-System and other external sources and analyze them even faster. CSB BI Connect is able to integrate all data sources and translate data in a standardized way for the Qlik Sense BI Suite. Ready-to-use report templates enable ad hoc analysis of company data based on valid KPIs. Your special plus: CSB BI Connect includes the technological know-how of both partners as well as best practice templates of successful implementations. Time-consuming coordination processes between ERP and BI providers are now a thing of the past.

    Speakers: Dr. Oliver Marz, CSB System & Martin Skazel, EDEKA Südwestfleisch GmbH
    CSB Logo
  • CALYPS - Qlik visualizations for healthcare

    SESSION: Saniia, the AI solution for hospitals

    Hospitals face problems of cost, efficiency, stress and quality. Often, inappropriate use of human or material resources leads to a lack of efficiency in daily operations. This affects the quality of care, leads to unwanted patient returns, increases the cost of technical equipment, and delays length of stay. The decline in quality of work life also explains the increasing absenteeism of nursing staff. CALYPS Saniia is an advanced artificial intelligence that learns from the context captured by real-time data collection. It anticipates unforeseen events, predicts the resulting activities (and their duration), prescribes the best possible allocation of resources, and creates a schedule that minimizes uncertainty. There are currently 4 modules in use: Emergency, Patient journey, Occupation and Hospitalizations. 

    Speakers: Tony Germini & Marco Brienza, Calyps

    Logo Calyps

  • Mail & Deploy -  Reporting solutions for Qlik

    SESION: It's raining Qlik reports!

    Mail & Deploy is a powerful and flexible alternative to Qlik NPrinting and provides a self-service, enterprise BI reporting suite for Qlik on-premises or in the cloud . From report design and creation to sharing and automated scheduling, Mail & Deploy brings reporting superpowers to Qlik power users and decision-makers by combining the benefits of workflow automation, visualization and communication. Improve decision-maker satisfaction, extend report life spans, and mitigate the risk of your decision-making with this innovative reporting solution for QlikView, Qlik Sense and Qlik Sense SaaS.

    Speakers: Angelika Brunner-Zorez & Emma Camacho, Mail & Deploy

    Mail & Deploy Logo

Guests & Speakers

  • Remy Baumberger

    Remy Baumberger, Stäubli AG

    Division Finance Officer

  • Bernd Jägle

    Bernd Jägle, Universitätsspital Basel

    Senior Consultant Big Data & Analytics

  • Miriam Lehners

    Miriam Lehners, Universitätsspital Basel

    HR Analyst

  • Milena Grossmann

    Milena Grossmann, RAHN AG

    Head of Finance

  • Martin Skazel

    Martin Skazel, EDEKA Südwest Fleisch GmbH

    Head of Administration

  • Julian Freitag

    Karl LukasQlik 

    Senior Named Account Manager

  • Felix Winterling

    Felix Winterling, Consilix

     Lead Consultant

  • Durim Shala

    Durim Shala, Consilix

    Sales Manager

  • Dr. Oliver Marz

    Dr. Oliver Marz, CSB System SE

    Head of Business Development

  • Daniel Hladky

    Daniel Hladky, DataRobot

    Enterprise Channel Manager Central Europe

  • Tony Germini

    Tony Germini, Calyps


  • Marco Brienza

    Marco Brienza, Calyps

    Marketing & Business Development

  • Angelika Brunner-Zorez

    Angelika Brunner-Zorez, Mail & Deploy

    Communications & Partnerships

  • Emma Camacho

    Emma Camacho, Mail & Deploy

    Senior Consulting

Informatec Speakers

  • Rino Mentil

    Rino Mentil

    CEO / Founder

  • Christian Fischer

    Christian Fischer

    Head of Sales

  • Flavio Soarez

    Flávio Soares

    Head of Technology & Solutions

  • Oliver Ruf

    Oliver Ruf

    Head of Consulting & Projects

  • Purushoththaman Shanmuganathan

    Purushoththaman Shanmuganathan

    BI Consultant

  • Nadia Coelho

    Nadia Coelho

    Go-to-Market Product Manager

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