Date: Thu, 10.10.2019
End: Tue, 29.10.2019

Optimize your information processes with AXview/iVIEW for ABACUS

AXview Fachseminare


Thursday, 10.10.2019 in Basel-Pratteln Register here

Wednesday, 16.10.2019 in St. Gallen Register here

Wednesday, 23.10.2019 in Bern-Schönbühl Register here

Thursday, 29.10.2019 in Basel-Pratteln Register here

Time: 09h00 - 12h00


Short description:
AXview / iVIEW for ABACUS is a standardized business intelligence solution for Abacus users based on Qlik and Jedox. This innovative solution simplifies the preparation and presentation of business data for the different departments in your company and enables analysis, reporting and planning within the same platform.

This BI solution was developed in cooperation with Axept Business Software AG. In April our partner offers 4 specialized seminars in Zurich, Bern, St.Gallen and Basel and presents the numerous advantages of the common solution (AXview / iVIEW for ABACUS).

Seize this opportunity and discover new relationships in your business-relevant data from Abacus.

Main topics/Content

  • Get a quick overview of your key figures with visualized data
  • Consolidate relevant data from other sources (Excel, industry solutions, databases, etc.) with AXview
  • Investigate connections between your data
  • Enable joint decision-making through secure and direct collaboration
  • Quickly make the right decisions with dynamic applications, dashboards and analytics
  • Visualize data in state-of-the-art display formats and access and analyze them via mobile devices
  • Create simple ad hoc evaluations yourself




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