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Our BI specialists have many years of solid experience in the development and implementation of Qlik applications and are available not only as a consultant but also as a certified QlikView and Qlik Sense trainer. In cooperation with Qlik Education Services, we offer official training courses in the Basel area (Muttenz). Our Qlik training center has established itself and has become a proven know-how center for Qlik users. Our trained coaches support you and your company's employees in gaining the knowledge and skills to start developing powerful QlikView and Qlik applications in the shortest possible time.


Qlik training centre
Learn QlikView and Qlik Sense with Informatec

Training overview

  • QlikView Designer

    Having the knowledge and understanding of the critical concepts and design components needed to create a QlikView document is essential to building effective and powerful QlikView documents. QlikView Designer is a scenario based course that utilizes a business case scenario to lead the participant through the processes and steps needed to build a QlikView document. The course is a combination of lecture/demonstration followed by hands-on activities.


  • QlikView Developer

    QlikView Developer is a must if you are building QlikView applications. Knowledge of the data model, creation of the proper data connections and scripting fundamentals are critical to creating QlikView applications that provide your organization with powerful business discovery tools. QlikView Developer provides you with an opportunity to learn by doing through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises focused on developing QlikView applications. Beginning with the QlikView environment and covering topics such as data modeling, synthetic keys and how to use the script editor, the Developer course will prepare you to take your QlikView applications to the next level. The course concludes with a business case where you can practice your skills in building a QlikView application from the beginning using identified key performance indicators.


  • QlikView Advanced Topics in Design and Development  

    "Advanced Topics in Design and Development " is a specialized course aimed at experienced QlikView designers and developers. You should have at least six months of experience in developing QlikView applications to benefit from this course. The course includes various demonstrations and exercises that enable you to master challenging topics such as set analysis, other complex expressions, data modeling, performance and design concepts, and incremental data loads.

    Further information

  • Create Reports with Qlik NPrinting

    The Create Reports with Qlik NPrinting course is intended for business users and analysts who need to be able to build and distribute static reports based on QlikView or Qlik Sense products. The course will cover: Web Console configuration, generation of reports (QlikView and Qlik Sense), NewsStand environment, report distribution options, and user access management.

    Further information

  • Create Visualizations with Qlik Sense

    Create Visualizations with Qlik Sense, a scenario-based course, addresses the fundamentals required to enable you for self-service visualization and discovery. The course combines demonstrations and hands-on exercises to teach the essential concepts for designing beautiful and effective Qlik Sense visualizations and guided stories. Additionally, you will look in depth at the different visualizations and selecting the appropriate one for your data and the type of questions you need to answer. This course provides you with the opportunity to build Qlik Sense visualizations, create guided story-telling.


  • Data Modeling with Qlik Sense

    Data Modeling for Qlik Sense is a technical course for you to become knowledgeable in loading and transforming data within Qlik Sense, as well as building an optimized data model structure. With information, tools, techniques, and exercises, this course includes topics dealing with: data connections, cleansing, manipulating and transforming, resolving data model issues, optimization, using QVD files and developing with server. NOTE: The course objectives for this course closely align with the QlikView® Developer course. You do not need to take this course if you have already taken the QlikView Developer course.


Are you interested in further Qlik trainings?

No problem! Contact us and we will help you book all Qlik training courses - also in other training centers.

We will order the Qlik Training Card for you, take care of the organisation (hotel reservation) and manage all your training requirements as Single Point of Contact

Find below some examples of other Qlik trainings that can be organized by Informatec:


  • QlikView Server Publisher
  • Create Mashups with Qlik Sense
  • Deploy and Administrator Qlik Sense
  • Qlik GeoAnalytics


If you would like to have these courses for your team in your office, we can reserve our certified "Flying Teachers" for you as an Authorized Qlik Training Partner.

Qlik Training
Qlik Courses

Course dates 2019 in Muttenz (Basel-Country)

  • QlikView Designer

    18. Feb. - 19. Feb. 2019

    11. Apr. - 12. Apr. 2019

    26. Aug. - 27. Aug. 2019

    11. Nov. - 12. Nov. 2019

  • QlikView Developer

    27. Feb. - 01. Mär. 2019

    05. Jun. - 07. Jun. 2019

    28. Aug. - 30. Aug. 2019

    18. Nov. - 20. Nov. 2019

  • Create Visualizations with Qlik Sense

    11. Feb. - 12. Feb. 2019

    01. Apr. - 02. Apr. 2019

    09. Sep. - 10. Sep. 2019

    04. Nov. - 05. Nov. 2019

  • Data Modeling with Qlik Sense

    13. Feb. - 15. Feb. 2019

    03. Apr. - 05. Apr. 2019

    11. Sep. - 13. Sep. 2019

    06. Nov. - 08. Nov. 2019

  • QlikView Advanced Topics in Design and Development

    17. Jun. - 18. Jun. 2019

  • Create Reports with Qlik NPrinting

    09. Mai - 10. Mai 2019

    24. Sep. - 25. Sep. 2019

The location

The training takes place in the COOP convention center Muttenz, where participants will find the perfect setting for their training:

Ideal location: 15 minutes’ ride from Basel city centre (tram line 14, stop Freidorf), a few kilometers from the highway, parking available

Route map

First-class infrastructure: spacious premises, innovative working environment with modern conference facilities, all rooms with natural daylight, soundproof doors and air conditioning

Pleasant atmosphere: idyllic park, restaurant with market-fresh cuisine, professional service team

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  • COOP_Tagungszentrum
  • COOP_Tagungszentrum
  • COOP_Tagungszentrum
  • COOP_Tagungszentrum
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