Business Intelligence for your industry

  • Energy industry


    We understand the processes and requirements of the Swiss energy sector. With specific business intelligence solutions we help energy suppliers to become energy service providers and to retain their customers with the right added value.

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  • Finance


    Industry expertise for the financial sector: Secure your long-term competitive advantages with the right BI solution and our proven expertise.

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  • Healthcare


    We are very familiar with the challenges in the healthcare sector in Switzerland. Our clients use our specific business intelligence solutions to successfully master business and legal challenges as they occur.

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  • Transport and Logistics

    Transport & Logistics

    We already support many international companies in the transport and logistics sector. Our industry-specific business intelligence (BI) solutions mean you will be in a good position to efficiently and flexibly meet your customers’ and future requirements.

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Informatec is a certified expertise partner

Business Intelligence Tools for your industry

All Business Intelligence Tools can be used for target-oriented, specific tasks in different industries. The following three BI tools build the technological foundation for our industry-specific BI solutions:

  • Systematic analyses and reports with QlikView

    Guided Analytics


    The Business Intelligence Suite QlikView is the perfect solution for companies looking for BI functionalities with high user-friendliness using the revolutionary business discovery approach.

  • Self-service and ad-hoc analyses with Qlik Sense

    Self-Service Analytics


    With the self-service BI solution Qlik Sense, visualizations can be created as fast as lightning, data analyzed down to the detailed level, connections recognized directly and connections discovered from every perspective.

  • Advanced Analysis & Planning with Jedox

    Predictive Analytics


    Intelligent and meaningful planning applications with Jedox and the Qlik-Jedox connector

What our customers say

  • « During the presentation, we immediately noticed that Informatec has a very high level of expertise, both in IT and in the production environment, and knows exactly what we as customers are talking about and what we need. It's simply great to work with professionals. »

    Roger Vögeli

    Head of Informatics, peka-metall AG

  • « The long-standing and trust-based cooperation with Informatec led us to a customised evaluation tool for the detailed analysis of sales performance. This is used in sales as a relevant component of the professionalisation strategy. The highlight of this project was the implementation of the complex and broad requirement profile, which required a combination of individual country-specific and group-specific key figures.
    Informatec and their solution supports us every day to do the right things in sales above all and subsequently to do these things correctly.

    Christian Brunner

    Head of Sales & Marketing / Member of the Executive Board, ZZ Wancor AG

  • « The need for high-performance reporting tools as a management tool has increased steadily in the operational area. QlikView provides us with a user-friendly and powerful tool to meet this need at all levels. »

    Jean-Philippe Bernard

    Head of IT, Valorec Services AG

  • « We chose Informatec because they simply have the right expertise. In addition, the working method was always very solution-oriented. We felt that we were in good hands. »

    Patrick Gruenig

    Head of Finance & Controlling, Lamprecht Transport AG

  • « Together with Informatec, we have developed a unique solution for budgeting, monitoring, medium-term planning and calculation. This significantly increases our efficiency, speed and accuracy. »

    Daniel Grossniklaus

    Head of Finance & Services, Swiss-Ski

  • « We have greatly appreciated, the fact that the necessary support was provided by Informatec in critical phases. And with fire and an enthusiasm which go above and beyond the call of duty. »

    Urs Mathis

    Former Project Manager Axpo AG

  • « By using QlikView, we are now able to get decision-relevant insights faster and more conveniently. With QlikView, we have gained comprehensive transparency about customers, recipes, products and processes. »

    Robert R. Portmann

    Head of Finance / HR / IT, merz+benteli ag

  • « We have received a process-oriented 'practioners’ tool' and our collaboration has been more than successful. This way of working results in synergies and accelerates the processes. »

    Daniel Steiner

    CFO Direct Mail Company AG

  • « Informatec is very fast to implement and has delivered a real IT gem, in particular with the realisation of the customer access to QlikView. »

    John Martinussen

    Chief Information Officer, Valorec Services AG

  • « With Informatec, we have not only found a competent "IT mountain guide", but also a software provider who supports us with the right solutions. »

    Esther Schneider

    Former Head of Finance, Bergbahnen Engelberg-Trübsee-Titlis

  • « With QlikView, we can conveniently merge all relevant information into one interface and are thus informed faster and much more comprehensively. »

    Beat Zuberbühler

    Head of Management Support, ASGA Pension Fund

  • « Informatec are not just technically excellent, they very quickly grasp corporate processes. They are straightforward and the customer is always centre stage. »

    Rudolf Büchi

    Data Quality Manager, Zurich electricity works (EKZ)

  • « The business intelligence solution by Informatec has proved itself very well. Without it, the task would be impossible, or only possible with much greater effort. »

    Linus Cavegn

    MdGL, Lic.rer.pol. Audit Expert RAB, Bando Treuhand AG

  • « Informatec provided us with a first productive application after just three days. Here you could feel Informatec's comprehensive BI knowledge and a very quick grasp of our really special business environment and the resulting requirements. »

    Dirk Oehlmann

    Former Asset Manager, IWB Industrielle Werke Basel

  • « The main benefits of iVIEW are clear structured default definitions that are available in a constantly updated fashion. I recommend you get to know iVIEW, because its use leads to a significant workload reduction for internal controlling. »

    Günter Thyssen

    CEO E. Schellenberg Textildruck AG

  • « iVIEW was very quickly implemented. Within a day, the software was installed and the defined standard evaluations available. »

    Rolf Rechenberg

    Institutional/administrative management JOHANNEUM

  • « The users are delighted with the many possibilities which it offers. For many, it contributes towards a simpler understanding of numbers, when these are backed up by graphics. »

    Karin Bärtschi

    Specialist in finance & controlling, Swisscom

  • « Informatec is not concerned primarily with getting orders. Rather, they are concerned to find the best and most sustainable solution to build up client trust. »

    Martines Sägesser

    IT Director, Bachem Groupe

  • « Informatec delivers top service. If there are difficulties, you can speak about them and find out where the problem is, and what could be done better next time. It has been an excellent, fruitful collaboration. »

    Cyrill Tait

    former MdGL, Bachem Group

  • « What is striking in general: They are very flexible and have short response times. With Informatec, you reach your target, and that with an optimal cost - benefit ratio. »

    Thomas Früh

    CEO, Bachem Gruppe

  • « With Informatec, you see eye-to-eye. »

    Georg Käser

    IT Director, Bachem Gruppe

  • « The two companies spar with each other really well. A professional and close collaboration, in which there is also the odd private exchange. »

    Stephan Schindler

    CFO, Bachem Gruppe

  • « I am always amazed at how quickly Informatec gets their heads around chemistry problems. Even with not much information to go on, they deliver highly competent assistance, even as sector outsiders. »

    Brigitte Wahl

    Team Leader Quality Control, Bachem Gruppe

  • « The collaboration with Informatec is excellent. There is a high level of expertise, as well as prompt service and direct contact. »

    Beat Vollenweider

    Team Leader Process Planning, Bachem Group