If your company had all the information it needed, could your people use it effectively? Reliable and timely data is one thing. Changing management processes to use insight is quite another. Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) is not about a few spending all their time analyzing. It’s about all managers incorporating a little BI to make more effective decisions, every single day.

Jedox für Management

Challenges for Management

  • Disruptive innovations forcing new business models

  • Information governance with data volumes growing 30-50% per year

  • Accurate timely data for regulatory reporting

  • Aligning operational controls with strategic goals

  • Increasing amounts of data and Big Data Challenge

  • Demand for collaboration and creative management

  • Spot & time zone independent work

Make better decisions

Your information is an asset. Jedox securely brings all your corporate data together in one place to provide executives with actionable insight. It looks stunning, modern and intuitive. Interactive and trusted dashboards unify sales, finance, logistics, HR, operations, external supplier and market data. Drill-down through KPIs, filter across departments, products, services, and clients. The Jedox platform scales to thousands of users, allowing you to align performance along business processes instead of information silos – at all levels of your organization.


Communicate strategy

By unifying planning, reporting and analytics, Jedox gives you a 360-view of your organization. Align your strategic planning, financial budgeting and operational monitoring in one consistent solution. The flexible writeback means you directly capture any input from individuals and departments. Agile workflows give you complete visibility and strengthen collaboration and engagement. Jedox provides total flexibility to fit your organization with a consistent, intuitive interface through Microsoft Office, the web, your tablet or smartphone, and the cloud. The future of your business is transparent, personal and decisive.


Quietly empower people

Change in organization comes from the top with headline-grabbing initiatives and decisive strategy. It also comes from the bottom-up, through steady incremental improvements every day. Alongside every enterprise system, sit business processes that capture, calculate, consolidate, and share information. Often manual and reliant on Excel and email, these processes are not visible to IT or Executives, instead impeding decision-making and create key person risk. In traditional BI, the most used function is ‘export to Excel’. With ExcelPLUS, Jedox provides a flexible Excel-based modelling solution that securely communicates with your trusted data. This empowers business users and departments to incrementally and independently work smarter, and improve processes without adding IT costs.


Apply new analytics

Most corporate reporting is descriptive, showing what’s already happened. You can’t change the past. But you can learn from it. Jedox gives you predictive and prescriptive analytics. Powerful statistical heuristics test assumptions and reforecast to identify patterns of risk and opportunity that go beyond data discovery and simple visualization. You are empowered to continually benchmark corporate performance on revenue growth, margins, share price, and industry ranking. Jedox’s in-memory performance enables new styles of analytics tailored to your industry, empowering you to find and solve problems with actionable insight.


Examples of Jedox solutions for Management

  • Management cockpits

  • Top-down & bottom-up planning

  • Management & board reporting

  • Department & personal scorecards

  • Ah-hoc analysis

  • Corporate planning

  • Spend analysis

  • Corporate social responsibility reporting

  • Mobile dashboards

  • Jedox Management Dashboard
  • Jedox cockpiot
  • Jedox forecast

Your benefits with Jedox: Shortest time-to-value. Highest ROI.

  • Invest with a global-leader

    More than 100,000 users in over 120 countries rely on Jedox. Mercedes-Benz, Canon, PwC, Bacardi, and BP trust Jedox. Invest in a solution that delivers repeated payback.

  • Increase revenue

    Smart companies are switching to Jedox because it is flexible, scalable and easy to use. It just works. Leverage the latest innovation in big data scalability, powerful GPU acceleration, advanced mobility, and cloud.

  • Reduce costs

    Jedox gives industry-leading Total Cost of Ownership. The flexible license model and unified Analytics and Performance Management platform solves the proliferation of departmental point-solutions.

  • Minimize risk

    Traditional BI is slow to implement and expensive to maintain. A six month BI project is not a project. It’s a problem. Jedox’s modern architecture delivers outcomes in days and weeks. Rapid implementation and low running-costs mean shorter time to value.

  • Remove barriers

    Jedox’s ExcelPLUS innovation in Business-Driven Intelligence democratizes data access at all organization levels and geographies. By empowering business users to continually improve business processes you foster collaboration, and ensure ongoing ROI.

  • Digital transformation

    Jedox unifies data discovery, analytics and corporate planning. Use the latest innovations in cloud, big data, and smart devices to transform customer experience, streamline management processes, and energize new business models.

Inspire. Inform. Empower.

To move from business-as-usual to sustained business-improvements, smarter companies are creating a culture that thrives on fact-based decision making. But there are barriers. For buy-in, you need a solution that is easy. To maintain benefits, you need flexibility. To create impact, you need rapid projects with high ROI. Discover how you can use Jedox’s business-driven innovations as a catalyst for change today.

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