Power BI is a cloud-based analysis service that provides rapid insight and is used to extract and visualise data. Power BI brings together data from multiple sources to give you a comprehensive view of your company's information assets.

This means that with Power BI you can see all your data through a single pane of glass and quickly create an analytical environment for monitoring data and sharing reports. Live dashboards and reports show metrics and performance indicators based on data that resides both locally and in the cloud. This gives you a consolidated view of your entire business, regardless of architectural concepts and where you are located.

These challenges can be met thanks to Power BI

  • An end-to-end view of what is happening

    Because data is often in different locations, it can be difficult for business users to get a complete picture of your business.

  • Management of multiple data sources

    Data residing in SaaS solutions and other remote locations may be difficult to programmatically manage or to securely retrieve and update.

  • Provide the right data to the right users at the right time

    Mobile business users need up-to-date operating data at the push of a button, independent of location and device.

    Different roles have different needs and levels of access, a one-size-fits-all solution does not work.

PowerBi Dashboard 1
PowerBi Dashboard 2

Why Power BI? Key Takeaways

  • Prepared content packages

  • Real-time dashboard updates

  • Live connections to local and cloud data sources

  • Intuitive data exploration through retrieval in natural language

  • Integration with popular Microsoft products and services

  • Fast deployment, hybrid configuration, secure and integrated into existing IT systems

  • Microsoft is a leader in the BI and analysis platform quadrant

The advantages of Power BI

  • Quick and easy access to data

  • 360º live view of the company

  • Intuitive data exploration and modelling

  • Insights from any device

  • Collaboration across the entire organisation

  • Data analysis for everyone in the company

Features of Power BI

  • Content packages for SaaS solutions

    Pre-built dashboards and reports for popular SaaS solutions such as Marketo, Salesforce, GitHub, ZenDesk, Dynamics CRM and many others (> 120 connectors)

  • Real-time Live Dashboards

    Dashboards and visualisations that support real-time updates

  • Live Data Connection

    Secure live connection to local data sources to gain insight into the entire spectrum of corporate information (Analysis Services, Azure SQL Database, SQL Database Auditing, Azure SQL Data Warehouse)

  • Customized Data Refresh

    Automated scheduled updates to keep your Power BI data locally synchronised with the data sources

  • Mobile Sharing & Collaboration 

    Native mobile applications to give users access on the move

  • Natural Language Query

    Intuitive data exploration via text entry

Process Mining for Power BI


Our Power BI consultants are here for you

Whether management, consultants or software developers: our Power BI professionals stand for high-quality, sustainable and individualised services that are used across industries, divisions, source systems and functions. As a competitive protagonist in the German-speaking BI environment, we offer substantial added value with a lasting effect for successful corporate management.

Thanks to a well-founded wealth of experience, we guarantee a professional implementation of projects and we convince through our ability to think deeply into individual customer processes.

You can expect high-performance Power BI solutions from us, regardless of how many data sources are to be combined and how complex the business processes are. Your employees will thank you for using Power BI because it will undoubtedly make the daily challenges of data analysis and decision-making easier.

Thanks to Power BI, the journey into the world of data intelligence will be a complete success in every respect, even for BI beginners. Which will ultimately lead to your BI strategy being guaranteed thanks to Power BI.

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Power BI - Product overview

  • Power BI Pro


    • Self-Service and modern BI in the Cloud
    • Cooperation, publication, release and ad hoc analysis
    • Fully managed by Microsoft
  • Power BI Premium


    • Enterprise BI, big data analysis, cloud and on-premises reporting
    • Advanced management and deployment controls
    • Dedicated cloud computing and storage resources
    • Enables all users to use Power BI content

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Power BI - intuitive and meaningful dashboards

  • Dashboard Power BI 1
  • Dashboard Power BI 2
  • Dashboard Power BI 3
  • Dashboard Power BI 4
  • Dashboard Power BI 5

How can you benefit from Power BI?

Power BI consists of three main components:

  • Power BI Desktop: Windows desktop application
  • Power BI-service: Online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Mobile Power BI apps for Windows, iOS and Android devices

These components enable users to effectively create, share and use business insights according to their requirements or role.

  • Business User

    Importing data from SaaS sources

    Working with dashboards and reports

  • Business Analyst

    Import, redesign, integrate and model data

    Create convincing reports and visualisations

    Create content packages to share knowledge

  • BI Power-User

    Connection to live Azure data services

    Connection to the databases of the analysis services

    Enable colleagues locally to create their own reports

  • Developer

    Integrate applications with Power BI

    Create real-time dashboards

    Develop custom visuals