Energy Industry
Energy Industry

Process mining makes it possible to reconstruct what actually happened for all processes from the abundant digital data available. The processes are placed in a common context, deviations from the expected and permitted are identified and the causes can be investigated.

With  iVIEW .Process Mining, the process perspective becomes available in the context of proven BI-Tools such as Power BI and Qlik Sense, eliminating the need for employees to learn new tools and keeping the effort required to connect to source systems low.

Use Cases in the Energy Industry

In general, process mining enables process-based analysis of:

  • False meter readings

  • Multiple creation

  • Billing cancellations

  • Non-billed assets

In the Meter-To-Cash process area, for example, an extension of BI to include the process perspective is a good way to:

  • Detect inefficiencies and clearing cases with high manual processing effort

  • Reduce the cancellation rate

  • Analyze turnaround times from receipt of meter reading to claim payment and uncover bottlenecks

In accounting or purchase-to-pay processes, process mining enables, among other things.

  • the increase of the discount rate

  • the mapping of cost flows in monthly closing processes

  • Fraud-Detection und Complicance-Checks

In addition, process mining is extremely helpful in verifying the effectiveness of control systems during internal audits!


Today, many processes are executed with the help of external service providers. Process Mining can be used to analyze the performance of service providers in all areas (e.g. smart metering) in order to make effectiveness, response times and quality of work in different process steps comparable (benchmarking).

In addition, process mining offers ideal support for the automation of processes via Robotic Process Automation (RPA). For this purpose, Process Mining is first used to identify the processes and process steps suitable for RPA. Then the optimal scope and process flow for automation is determined, also taking into account the existing systems. 

With process mining, continuous success control is now possible in order to be able to readjust at short notice.

Process Mining - Knowing how what really works