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Business Intelligence for abas ERP System Users

For efficient processes, companies should be able to plan and manage resources such as capital, personnel, operational materials, materials, information and communication technology and IT systems in good time and according to their needs. Business intelligence (BI) with the abas ERP system can guarantee this. Data from daily work can be made available within the company using the ERP system, and presented by business intelligence as important reports, evaluations and key data. This allows you to recognise trends early on, and reliably make important decisions. Standardised reporting systems only allow limited room for manoeuvre. But when ERP systems are combined with highly developed BI tools, perfect performance can be achieved and far exceed a company’s standard reports. The BI tool QlikView offers in-memory analyses and reporting for a new generation of business intelligence. In combination with other BI tools such as Qlik Sense or Jedox, abas ERP data can be used even more effectively within BI.

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Use company data more effectively

In times of increasing data flows, companies are often faced with the challenge of using available data in a target-orientated way. For example, to estimate risks and opportunities, facilitate planning or optimise business processes. That’s why it’s important to combine consistent data from all important business areas, and be able to access this information at any time. It’s even more important to evaluate this data optimally. Tried and tested ERP systems such as abas offer the necessary data overview of all important segments within the company, as well as reporting functions. However, they cannot fulfil all challenges of a modern BI. That’s why it’s important to combine new intelligent BI tools within business intelligence with the abas ERP. These then allow the visualisation and analysis of data individually and in a target-oriented way for individual tasks.

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Our BI experience in the abas ERP environment

Informatec gained best practice experience from multiple projects in the abas ERP environment. Out of this valuable experience, following measure catalog arose: 

  • Turnover/profit vs. budget

  • Number of orders, customers, amounts and stocks

  • Transport costs (according to material review)

  • DB1, DB2, DB3

  • Top/flop customers, products, region, etc.

  • New orders

  • Turnover per employee

  • Product hierarchies

  • Preliminary and final costing

Synergy with abas ERP combined with BI tools

How effective a Business Intelligence tool is depends on the chosen category, area of application, targets and project-relevant specialists. It also depends on the quality of the data for which the BI tool is being used. If you already use abas as an ERP system, you already have the necessary data quality, as it generates data for BI tools with reliable consistency, which can then be used for data evaluations of any kind.


Our BI Tools in the abas ERP environment.

Our solutions are based on proven Business Intelligence technologies such as Qlik and Jedox. These technologies provide connectors and templates for analysis, reporting and planning in the abas ERP environment.

  • Technologien - Qlik
  • Technologien Jedox


Example: BI tool QlikView for abas ERP

The new business intelligence tool QlikView is simple to use, can be quickly implemented and creates fast results in a large bandwidth. Even complex data can be easily analysed in seconds without limitations. Each user gets answers to their questions in real-time, meaning they can make better decisions and react more quickly. With its in-memory data model, QlikView allows information to be analysed on an aggregated and detailed level.

  • QlikView has ETL functions for extracting, transforming and loading data from one or more sources
  • QlikView offers all BI functions in an architecture to meet the requirements of various areas of the company
  • QlikView includes dashboards, analyses and reports in an easy-to-use system

Reliably informed decision-makers thanks to the right BI tools

Due to the efficient link between abas ERP and intelligent BI tools, decision-relevant information can be better collected more quickly. Companies therefore have a comprehensive tool for creating

  • Business reports

  • Ad-hoc reports

  • Analysis

Decision-makers benefit from this: sales, storage processes and procurement processes are available almost in real-time, and sales patterns are created by analysing past orders. This allows a prognosis of important target groups’ buying behaviour. To sum it up: in analysis and reporting, your business intelligence (BI) solution will increase in efficiency, and performance will be increased overall.

Combining modern BI tools with abas ERP offers the following benefits:

  • Analyse and view company information in all desired dimensions simultaneously.

  • Set out data standards to establish and use consistent numbers and information.

  • Executives and managers have real-time access to integrated reports.

  • Exact information allows decisions to be made that ensure security and added value within the company.

  • A complete infrastructure from data acquisition (ETL) to data retention (OLAP) and visualisation.

When does it make sense to use modern BI tools with abas ERP?

  • If a multi-dimensional analysis of information is needed.

  • If planning and processes need optimising.

  • If the evaluation of consistent data needs maximising.

  • If reports, evaluations and key data should be created more individually and quickly.

  • If KMUs especially want to make their use of BI more efficient with abas ERP.