Power BI Premium is tailored for companies that need a comprehensive BI solution with a centralised view of their organisation, partners, customers and suppliers. This SaaS product allows users to consume content via mobile apps, internally developed apps or the Power BI Portal (Power BI service).

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Power BI Premium is suitable for companies

  • with a large number of users
  • who need to independently evaluate big data themselves
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Your advantages with Power BI Premium


    Unlike the Power BI Pro licence, which is a publicly shared environment, the Power BI Premium licence uses a separate, private Power BI instance for each organisation.


    PPower BI Premium offers the possibility to share Power BI content with anyone (even outside your organisation) without having to purchase a user-specific licence.


    Power BI Premium includes additional data analysis and visualisation features such as AI-driven analysis, modular and reusable dataflows and paginated reports.

Technical features


    Power BI Premium capacity is hosted in back-end clusters that are independent of the regular Power BI back-end. Benefits include better isolation, resource allocation, supportability, security isolation and scalability.


    Power BI Premium can also be operated without a Cloud and thus with unlimited scalability. A hybrid approach (cloud and on premise) is also possible for content delivery.


    Power BI Premium offers support for data residency by region (multi-geo) and for customer-managed encryption keys for data at rest (bring your own key (BYOK)).

Power BI Premium Features Breakdown


Various licensing models are available for Power BI Premium:

  • Power BI Premium Per User Licence: Licensing of the premium functions per user. All Power BI Pro functions are also included.
  • Power BI Premium per Capacity: Dedicated capacity unit (premium workspace) for all users in the organisation. Data sets of up to 50 GB can be hosted, the total storage in the cloud is 100 TB. A Power BI Pro licence is required in order to publish content in the Power BI Premium Capacity.
  • Power BI Report Server: With Microsoft Power BI Report Server, the functions of Power BI are provided on self-operated Windows servers. Prerequisites for operation are the local server hardware, one or more Windows Server operating systems and at least one Microsoft SQL Server.
MODELS Power BI Premium per user license Power BI Premium per capacity Power BI Report Server
Cloud / On Premise Cloud Cloud On Premise
Paginated reports Integrated into the Portal Power BI Report Builder 7 data sources possible Integrated into the Portal Power BI Report Builder 7 data sources (including Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Analysis Services), Functionality limited Integrated into the Microsoft Report Builder portal 15 data sources, e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Analysis Services
Dashboards Yes Yes No
Power BI Desktop Power BI Desktop Power BI Desktop Power BI RS Desktop
Release cycle 10 or more releases annually 10 or more releases annually 3 releases annually (January, May, September)
Create mobile reports Power BI Desktop, Paginated Reports Power BI Desktop, Paginated Reports Power BI Desktop, Publisher for Mobile Reports
Connectors Over 100 Over 100 Over 100
Composite Models Yes Yes, PBI only by direct query (other exceptions such as SAP BW) and import mode No
Capacity Compute processing environment Managed by Microsoft Dedicated Dedicated
Automatic Refresh per Day 48 48 Variable
Dataset size 100 GB per file 400 GB per file Depending on the scenario
Memory in the Power BI Service 100 TB for the entire tenant 100 TB for the corresponding Premium Licensing Depending on the investment in hardware
Additional features Bring your own key Bring your own key Dataflows AI workload (Cloud only), Bring your own key, Query caching AI via integration services in the preparation for an EDWH
Power BI shared datasets Yes Yes No
Gateway necessary for on-premises data sources Yes Yes No
Q&A Yes Yes No
Quick Insights Yes Yes No
R Visuals Yes Yes No
Power BI Preview Features Yes Yes No
Excel exports Yes, via Paginated Reports Yes, via Paginated Reports Yes
Analysis in Excel No Yes No


Power BI Premium is a multi-tenant Microsoft 365 subscription available in two SKU (stock keeping unit) ranges:

  • P-SKUs (P1-P5) for embedding and enterprise features that require a monthly or annual commitment are billed monthly and include a licence to install Power BI reporting server on site.
  • EM-SKUs (EM1-EM3) to embed for organisations that require an annual commitment and are billed monthly. The EM1 and EM2 SKUs are only available through volume licensing plans. In addition, the Premium single user licence offers the same benefits available for Premium, but on a single user basis.

Power BI Premium single user licence subscriptions are available for self-service purchase and in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre. A Microsoft 365 Admin Centre is required for the purchase of Power BI Premium according to capacity.

Our tip: Power BI Premium is particularly suitable for companies with a high number of employees who only need to access reports. As the number of users who not only consume reports but also develop them increases, it is often more cost-effective to use Power BI Pro licences. We will gladly advise you on choosing the right licence model for your requirements.


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