Are you analyzing or still reconciling?

Whether consolidating or budgeting, data volumes and complexity make gaining insight difficult. When you lose time gathering and reconciling data, you can’t support fact-based decision making. You can’t be a strategic partner to your business.

When Excel can't cope

86% of organizations globally still use Excel for planning. Excel remains the standard tool for Financial Controllers, until slow planning cycles, manual adjustments, error-prone consolidations, and poor process-monitoring make Excel-hell a drag on personal productivity and a risk to your organization.

Jedox Finance

Challenges for Finance

  • Growing data complexity

  • Multiple version of the truth

  • Data siloes and fragmented BI solutions: IT dependence

  • Shortening reporting and planning cycles

  • Increased demand for real-time insight beyond the ledger

  • Growing pressure of time in reporting

Become a trusted advisor

Jedox is designed to enable you to leverage your Excel skills to transform your reporting, budgeting and analysis. Easy to use so you can focus on business outcomes. Streamline consolidations and management reporting to close your month-end faster. Jedox pulls data from multiple ledgers and ERPs so you see your entire business and drill-through to subledger transactions. You control statutory and management reporting hierarchies in Jedox with drag and drop ease. Jedox rules make it easy – from simple aggregations in one entity, to global consolidations across multiple charts of accounts, allocations, fx, minority interest, eliminations and cash-flow – all in real-time.



Examples of Jedox solutions for Finance

  • Balanced Scorecards

  • Management Cockpits

  • Cashflow

  • Profit & Loss

  • Cost Center Accounting

  • Cash accounting and planning

  • Balance Sheet

  • Breakeven analysis

  • Profitability & cost models

  • Planung mit Jedox

Your benefits with Jedox: More time for insights that count!

  • Shorten cycles

    Eliminate manual data preparation, calculation and consolidation. Use Data- driven modelling to quickly incorporate new data sources into your unifi ed reporting and planning. Add business-value with your interpretation and analysis

  • Unify processes

    Align strategic and operational planning with constant feedback against actual performance. Engender business engagement and ownership by presenting information clearly and visually to non- fi nance business users. Capture user inputs and commentary anywhere to collaborate e ectively with increased transparency and accountability.

  • Excel to anywhere

    Jedox enables you to keep your Excel skills while removing Excel-hell. Don’t waste years of Excel expertise learning an unfamiliar BI tool. Instead, use your Excel skills to become a Jedox BI expert, creating sophisticated reports and planning applications independently.

  • Manage risk

    Provide insight beyond the fi nancials with sub-ledger data from operational systems. Combine data meaningfully for unifi ed analysis from slicing, ranking, and sorting to allocating fi nancials over operational activity drivers for cost and profi tability analysis

  • One truth

    From data discovery to corporate planning in one unifi ed solution. All your reporting, planning and analysis leverages consistent and common hierarchies, business rules, and data. Change your organization structure once and this is instantly available on any live Jedox report, dashboard or planning template, whether on PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Web or Mobile

  • Invest with a global-leader

    More than 100,000 users in over 120 countries rely on Jedox. Mercedes-Benz, Canon, PwC, Bacardi, and BP trust Jedox. Invest in a solution that delivers repeated payback

Budgeting & Forecasting

Unifi ed enterprise budgeting and forecasting capability. In one consistent environment, create revenue models, payroll, capex, operations, expense allocations – at any level of detail, all in common dimensions. As Finance, you easily defi ne and manage planning rules and assumptions without programming, and without burdening IT. Business rules are central, auditable, creating a transparent process that strengthens business ownership of budgets. Jedox’s powerful planning capabilities mean you can create simulations and new scenarios easily and interactively test business assumptions. Jedox enables you to engage business users in the planning cycle with fl exible workfl ows that fi t your corporate planning process. You control granular security rights to manage access to confi dential data. With self-service planning live through Excel, web and mobile, your business users are empowered to collaborate in the environment they are most comfortable



Understand performance

Jedox enables you to apply insights from past performance into forward- looking goals. Conventional analytics are descriptive: lagging indicators, current value, and tangible assets to review past performance and identify reasons behind success.

Our offer

We support discerning SME clients, using innovative business intelligence solutions, to find sound answers to business-related issues and so make the right decisions for safe and reliable company management.