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Coronavirus pandemic – the challenge of personnel planning in clinic facilities

The health care system and its challenges

Healthcare systems will face growing challenges in the future. The biggest of these will be demographic trends with an increasingly ageing society. Furthermore, the growing burdens of the modern working world and social pressure are also leading to an increase in mental illnesses, the treatment of which will increasingly burden the health care system. In addition, there is a chronic shortage of inpatient beds in hospitals and clinics. At the same time and of great interest in this context, outpatient treatments are much cheaper to perform. The development of this area is therefore one of the tasks for the future in health care. There is already flat-rate billing of illness cases according to DRG (diagnosis-related groups). Companies in the health care sector face organisational and economic challenges worldwide. The possibility of cost analysis plays an important role for companies here. Solutions are needed to keep the quality of healthcare in Switzerland stable and to achieve the increased transparency and controllability demanded by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

The challenges for companies in the healthcare sector

Hospitals and Swiss clinics will face ever-increasing cost pressure in the future. The answer to this is efficient cost analysis in order to be able to precisely assign the origin of services and their costs. To make the necessary data available, investment in new or improved systems such as ERP (enterprise resource planning) and industry-specific business intelligence is also necessary. Data availability is particularly important in these challenges:

  • Cost and performance analysis according to REKOLE (cost accounting and charge capture)

  • Certification according to REKOLE (revision of cost accounting and charge capture) and ITAR_K (integrated rate model based on cost object controlling)

  • Evaluation of the top DRG for cost/benefit analysis

  • Outpatient/inpatient service reporting

  • Outpatient/inpatient service reporting

  • Costs/activities per organisational unit (nursing, departmental)

  • Transparency vis-à-vis the Confederation (Federal Office of Public Health)

Business Intelligence in Healthcare

  • Real-time reports during hospital management

  • Prompt evaluation by employees

  • Utilisation display of operating areas

  • Presentation of processes and their efficiency

However, data evaluation is also forward looking in the medical field, thanks to a BI solution. For example:

  • Mapping data for clinical trials to optimise treatment methods

  • Analysing applied surgical measures and filtering out those with the best healing process

Areas of Application for Business Intelligence in the Healthcare Sector

With Business Intelligence (BI), healthcare institutions have the possibility to visualise and analyse all available current data at any time and to make secure decisions on this basis. The areas of application for BI in the health sector are virtually unlimited, other than compliance with the legal data protection regulations:

  • Cost transparency

  • Bench marking

  • Process mapping

  • Goods/order systems

  • Personnel planning

  • Utilisation analyses

Our experience in health care

We have already supported several hospitals and clinics with industry-specific BI solutions and further developed our know-how in the process. Special products such as QlikView, Qlik Sense or Qlik NPrinting have been successfully used for those areas which, in our experience, have top priority for companies in the healthcare sector:

  • Optimisation of processes and master data

  • Mapping cost transparency within business intelligence

  • Mastering the complex requirements of DRG, cost accounting and charge capture (REKOLE) and ITAR_K


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  • Best Practice Session by Universitätsspital Basel 
  • Best Practice Session by Monvia Gesundheitszentrum
  • Presentation of the AI-based solution CALAI for hospital planning


Informatec ist zertifizierter Expertise-Partner

Our technology partner Qlik has granted us "expertise status" for many of its industry segments, including the healthcare sector, our field of competence in the Swiss healthcare sector. The qualification for "Expertise Status" includes an internal qualification process. Among other things, documented customer experience reports and tried-and-tested Qlik applications will be submitted. With our status as Qlik's expertise partner in healthcare, we are demonstrating that we can implement Qlik products in this industry in a value-adding and beneficial way. It also proves our sound Qlikk and application know-how. For our customers, it is clear proof of our successful cooperation with Qlik in general and especially in the healthcare sector.