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How the Qlik Salesforce Connector works

To access Salesforce data with the Qlik Salesforce Connector, a Salesforce.com account with current credentials is required. Once connected to a Salesforce.com account, data can be selected from tables available to the user's account. These can then be loaded into an app and used for visualizations.

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Installing and using the Qlik Salesforce Connector

  • How easy it is to install and use the Qlik Salesforce Connector is shown in this video

Benefits of using Qlik with Salesforce



The Qlik Salesforce Connector enables easy integration of Salesforce with Qlik to optimize sales, marketing and customer service processes. Customer interaction data from Salesforce and other source systems can be visualized in Qlik across an unlimited number of dimensions and analyzed in any direction and level of detail.

Qlik can be accessed directly in Salesforce.com, either through a custom tab or embedded Qlik graphs, tables, and charts within other Salesforce tabs. This allows valuable Qlik insights to be added to Salesforce without leaving the familiar Salesforce environment.

Salesforce users such as sales teams, marketers, and call center representatives can

  • Improve sales forecasts
  • Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Provide more customer-focused service and support
  • Track marketing campaigns
  • Implement historical analyses and trend calculations

Qlik and Salesforce - Collaboration

Use case scenarios

Qlik Salesforce Insights


  • Sales Analysis

    Demand shifts and opportunities to exploit market fluctuations require real-time insights into customer behavior, buying patterns, product mix, sales performance, and trends. Knowing which channels, salespeople, customers, products, and service programs are succeeding - and which are not - provides tremendous competitive advantages. With Qlik and the Qlik Salesforce Connector, data hidden in Salesforce and other systems can be fully leveraged, giving sales teams the visibility they need to

    • Coordinate product and sales strategies in a timely and precise manner
    • Improve margins
    • Increase sales
    • Build more profitable customer relationships
  • Marketing and web analytics

    The Internet expands market reach and provides the opportunity to capture customer information, improve segmentation, targeting, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns and more. The challenge is to access actionable data in time to take advantage of opportunities when margins are highest. With Qlik and the Qlik Salesforce Connector, data from Salesforce, including Chatter data and other marketing sources, can be integrated and analyzed. Marketers can

    • Quickly identify demand trends and customer behavior in different geographic locations
    • Customize product offerings, pricing, and messaging based on sales channel or region
    • Share data more easily across the enterprise and with business partners

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