We offer our clients a comprehensive range of managed services for business intelligence (BI), business analytics, planning and data visualisation. Our managed services cover all the important aspects, from hardware, platform operation (on the premises or in the Cloud) to the complete support of your business intelligence applications.

Managed Services



These days, IT professionals are confronted with the increasing complexity of their IT landscapes. Operational continuity, maintenance tasks, taking adherence to compliance policy into account or guaranteeing high availability with reduced downtime are just a few of the many challenges a modern IT department faces.

The support of business intelligence applications (administration, operation, maintenance and support) also burdens IT managers with increasing numbers of maintenance tasks designed to ensure the stability of the business intelligence environments and the availability of strategic applications.

Thus the support of BI applications is perfectly suited for outsourcing.

Thanks to our modular offer (IaaS + SaaS + BIaaS) we offer you customised and professional care of your BI applications from A-Z. Focus on your core business and create additional freedom for your specialist staff. Based on our customisable BI managed services, we ensure the smooth operation of your BI solutions. You benefit from building up performance levels that can be configured in different scenarios, from the level of pure infrastructure up to a comprehensive, worry-free «Premium BI support package».


  • Your employees are relieved of daily routine tasks

  • High availability due to reduced downtime

  • Change management to track amendments to software and configuration

  • Release management and proactive maintenance for stable operation

  • Monitoring of your software by our monitoring systems

  • Preparation of service operation manuals and operating documentation

Informatec Managed Business Intelligence Services

  • IaaS SaaS BIaaS
    - IaaS IaaS + BIaaS
    High performance cloud server Operation of business intelligence (BI) software (Qlik and/or Jedox) Managed business intelligence (BI) environment (Qlik and/or Jedox)
    Dedicated, shared or hybrid (on-premises) architecture Operation of add-on software e.g. Version Manager, IBCS, GeoAnalytics, NPrinting etc. Managed add-on software e.g. Version Manager, IBCS, GeoAnalytics, NPrinting etc.
    Highspeed SSD storage Operation ETL (extract, transform, load) software Managed ETL (extract, transform, load) software
    High-end data centre Tier 3, ISO 27001 Software updates and life cycle management Managed process, job and task control
    IPSEC & SSL encryption Licence management
    Basis software and add-ons
    Managed load and reload scenarios
    Standard service level agreement (SLA), 99.9% uptime. Passive performance monitoring
    Option: Active
    iVIEW framework for ETL, security and load-tasks
    24x7 monitoring according to service level agreement (SLA) Setup/operation of data source connection (according to individual requirements) License management for the entire environment
    Fully managed services i.e. backup & restore, sizing, etc. Governance and user account management Managed version handling and deployment for Qlik applications, Managed User Security
    Eight-hour response time
    during normal office hours
    Option: service level agreement (SLA)
    Guaranteed response time
    next business day
    Option: service level agreement (SLA)
    Guaranteed response time
    next business day
    Option: service level agreement (SLA)
    Basis documentation Basis documentation Basis documentation
    Option: application and user documentation
    Incident Management Incident Management Incident Management


    Upon request, all our services can also be offered in an AWS or Azure environment.