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With our fully managed Swiss BI Cloud Services

With our Swiss BI Cloud Services we offer our customers a comprehensive, secure, reliable, cost-efficient and scalable  Business Intelligence platform in the Azure Cloud.

Thanks to our in-depth expertise, we are able to configure and manage the perfect set-up for your BI environment in the cloud.  


Our consultants are able to offer:

  • Know-how in Data Analytics, Datamanagement and Data Integration

  • Best practice from BI projects with different technologies (including Qlik, Jedox and PowerBI)

  • Experience in Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections

  • SQL and database knowledge

  • Big Data and Data Warehouse expertise


  • A solid knowledge of  Managed Cloud Services

These requirements guarantee our customers an "all-round carefree package" for their BI cloud environments.


Our offer for your BI cloud strategy

Adapted to the individual requirements and IT landscapes of our customers, we configure the Swiss BI Cloud-Service Packages in different scenarios. The starting point is always a BI infrastructure solution (IaaS), extended by currently leading BI technologies (SaaS) up to the complete management of your BI applications (BIaaS - "Business Intelligence as a Service").


Your data in the cloud of your choice

As a managed services provider, we have in-depth knowledge of public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Cloud Google platform. On request, we install your cloud environment in the cloud of your choice with any operating options.

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Our Managed Cloud Services in detail

Logo Swiss BI Cloud

Our Swiss BI Cloud offer is modular and can be extended according to customer needs. We host your BI infrastructure in our Microsoft Azure Swiss BI Cloud (IaaS). Additionally, we can extend our fully managed Cloud infrastructure with Business Intelligence technologies (SaaS). In addition, we can take over the support of your entire Business Intelligence environment (BIaaS). The specifications of the infrastructure as well as the SaaS and BI services can be configured individually according to customer requirements.

  • IaaS
    • High performance cloud server
    • Dedicated, shared or hybrid (on-premises) architecture
    • Highspeed SSD storage
    • High-end data centre Tier 3, ISO 27001
    • IPSEC & SSL encryption
    • Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA), 99.9% uptime
    • 24x7 monitoring according to Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Fully managed services i.e. backup & restore, sizing, etc.
    • Eight-hour response time during normal office hours - Option: Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Basis documentation
    • Incident Management
  • SaaS
    • Operation of business intelligence (BI) software (Qlik and/or Jedox)
    • Operation of add-on software e.g. Version Manager, IBCS, GeoAnalytics, NPrinting etc.
    • Operation ETL (extract, transform, load) software
    • Software updates and life cycle management
    • Licence management Basis software and add-ons
    • Passive performance monitoring  - Option: Active
    • Setup/operation of data source connection (according to individual requirements)
    • Governance and user account management
    • Guaranteed response time next business day - Option: Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Basis documentation
    • Incident Management
  • SaaS
    • Managed business intelligence (BI) environment (Qlik and/or Jedox)
    • Managed add-on software e.g. Version Manager, IBCS, GeoAnalytics, NPrinting etc.
    • Managed ETL (extract, transform, load) software
    • Managed process, job and task control
    • Managed load and reload scenarios
    • iVIEW framework for ETL, security and load-tasks
    • License management for the entire environment
    • Managed version handling and deployment for Qlik applications, Managed User Security
    • Guaranteed response time next business day - Option: Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Basis documentation - Option: application and user documentation
    • Incident Management

Our Managed Cloud Services in Detail

Beispiel-Pakete Cloud Infrastruktur on Azure

    CPU (Cores) 4 CPU (Cores) 8 CPU (Cores) 16
    RAM (GB) 14 RAM (GB) 28 RAM (GB) 56
    Full SSD Speicher (GB) 130 Full SSD Speicher (GB) 250 Full SSD Speicher (GB) 500
    VPN (site-to-site) Check VPN (site-to-site) Check VPN (site-to-site) Check
    Windows Server 2019 Check Windows Server 2019 Check Windows Server 2019 Check
    Remote DesktopCheck Remote DesktopCheck Remote DesktopCheck
    MS Excel Lizenz Check MS Excel LizenzCheck MS Excel LizenzCheck
    Cloud AntivirusCheck Cloud AntivirusCheck Cloud AntivirusCheck
    SSLCheck SSLCheck SSLCheck
    Fully Managed Check  Fully Managed Check  Fully Managed Check
    Azure Backup Check Azure Backup Check Azure Backup Check

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Our Swiss BI Cloud at a glance

  • 0 - Fully Managed Services

  • 0 - High-End Datacenter

  • 0 - Backup-Datacenter

  • 0 - SSD HIghspeed Storage

  • 0 - Access to 2 Users

  • 0 - 24x7 Monitoring

  • 0 - 1 Excel Licence

  • 0 - Setup Windows Server

  • 0 - Anytime scalable

Fully Managed - Benefits


    Deployment on premises or in the Swiss BI Cloud


    Fully operational in Switzerland, secured access under Swiss law (standard banking), regular back-up and failure scenarios ensured


    Predictable monthly costs with low initial investment cost and calming effect on the whole budget


    Managed service with full support cover and secure response times. Relief of internal IT staff


    Cloud BI systems can always be expanded and scaled


    Necessary infrastructures, licenses and BI applications are part of the Swiss BI Cloud, therefore immediate entry into a professional Business Intelligence

Technical features


    2 data centres in Zurich and Basel, Tier 3, FINMA Circular 08/7 compliant, ISO 27001: 2013 compliant, IPSEC & SSL encryption (256 bit), 24x7 monitoring, RZ and hardware fully redundant


    System and application updates and Incident Management according to ITIL standard. Audited processes for guaranteed quality of service. The users of our Swiss BI Cloud benefit from a Deployment and Version Management for Qlik


    All meaningful scenarios - IaaS, SaaS, BIaaS can be brought into use as needed. Dedicated, shared or hybrid server configurations


    The fully managed BI environment for analysis, reporting and planning, with QlikView, Qlik Sense, Jedox or Big Data Hadoop Environment



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