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*includes nine connectors: SQL, Extractor, InfoProvider, BAPI, Report, Bex, Query, OLAP and DSO connector

How the Qlik SAP Connector works

The Qlik SAP Connectors work as Read-Only Remote Function Calls and enable direct access to SAP data in different ways. This enables flexible integration of available data structures and SAP components - such as BEx queries, DSO / ODS objects, ABAP reports, SAP / Bex / BW queries and SAP extractors - via a data wizard.

Qlik can also combine data from SAP and non-SAP systems quickly, flexibly and easily. Users gain access to analytics at both aggregate and detailed transaction levels.

Qlik Konnektor SAP Informatec


Installation of Qlik SAP Connectors

  • How easy it is to implement and configure the Qlik SAP Connector is shown in this video

Advantages of using Qlik with SAP

Being able to use Qlik with SAP thanks to Qlik SAP Connectors offers a number of benefits to companies using SAP:

  • Flexibility in combining data sources. Qlik's associative model makes it possible to combine data from SAP R/3, S/4HANA, SAP BW, BW on HANA, BW/4HANA with data from non-SAP systems to create powerful Qlik applications. The graphical, wizard-based functionality supports multiple data sources and numerous file types.

  • Rapid Deployability. Qlik provides out-of-the-box templates so users can gain immediate insights from their SAP data.

  • Better use of SAP data. With fast, flexible ad hoc analysis, Qlik enables SAP customers to access all data in multiple SAP systems. At the same time, the application is simple for business users and easy for IT to manage.

  • Increased productivity through reuse of SAP components. SAP Qlik Connectors enables the reuse of business logic and the use of SAP components such as BEx queries, DSO/ aDSO objects, ABAP reports, SAP/BW queries, CDS/ Calculation/ Attribute views and SAP extractors or simply by accessing the base data via SQL.

  • SAP Certification. Qlik Connector for SAP NetWeaver and product integration with SAP HANA come with the added assurance of SAP certification.

  • Possibility to integrate SAP's own user role concept to ensure data security or secure access.

Our solution for SAP

Use Case scenarios

Qlik Connector for SAP

The applications of the Qlik platform with Qlik SAP Connectors extend across almost all business areas:

  • Management gets quick answers to critical, often complex and changing business questions. Qlik provides all the standard BI capabilities - predictive analytics, "what if" scenarios, dashboard KPIs, balanced scorecards, and more.

  • Sales, marketing, and customer service teams can easily access and use all customer-relevant information in your SAP systems and external databases.

  • End users - from management to field sales - have the ability to analyze market trends, customer details, and product/service performance. They can align their product and sales strategies with customer needs in a timely manner, increasing their margins, revenues, and profits.

  • Supply chain management gain immediate and comprehensive insight into demand planning and fulfillment. Data from supplier systems can be integrated into Qlik for analysis and reporting.

  • In production, it is possible to quickly identify where and how SAP-supported processes can be systematically improved

  • Finance can make financial management and compliance processes based on SAP data faster, more accurate, and more transparent. of environmental, health, safety, and trade regulations.

Success Story with Qlik SAP Connector

The example of Florin AG shows how Qlik SAP Connector is used in practice.