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Why Business Intelligence in Finance?

Huge amounts of data also present the financial sector with ever new challenges. Currently, more than 2.5 billion gigabytes of data are generated worldwide on a daily basis. Companies in the financial sector use information gained from their own data to help them with analyses, management processes adjustment, targeted campaign creation, risk identification or efficient reporting – in order to manage the company competitively and profitably. The use of business intelligence makes this possible.

In addition, business intelligence in the following areas ensures greater efficiency:

  • Risk management

  • Client profitability

  • Marketing and sales automation

  • Performance analysis, budgeting and product development

  • Historical analysis

  • Management dashboards

  • Meeting compliance requirements

Areas of Application of BI in Financial Accounting

  • Flexibilisation of the evaluation possibilities for customer data

  • Faster provision of information from the databases

  • Clear and comprehensible presentation of customer relationships

  • Consolidation of different data sources into one analysis interface

  • Independent and target-specific use of data in the specialist departments

  • General reduction of the analysis effort in the company

  • Increased evaluation options for differentiated consideration

Best-Practice in Finance & Insurance



Request your access to the videos of our "Asga Pensionskasse" and "Bank von Roll"  Best Practice Sessions here. You will receive the video link and the corresponding password via e-mail after entering your data.

Informatec is a certified expertise partner

Our technology partner Qlik has awarded us "Expertise Status" for five of its eight industry segments, including Finance Service, our area of expertise in finance in Switzerland. The qualification for "Expertise

Status" comprises an internal qualification process. Among other things, documented customer experience reports and tried-and-tested Qlik applications are submitted. With our status as Qlik's financial expertise partner, we prove that we can implement Qlik products in this industry usefully and with added value. It also proves our sound Qlik and application know-how. For our clients, it is clear proof of our successful cooperation with Qlik in general and specifically in the financial sector.





We know the processes in finance

Thanks to our industry expertise in the area of financial services, we know the special requirements for expedient implementation of business intelligence in the financial sector.

Thanks to BI in banks and financial service providers, important processes are sustainably optimised:

  • ​​​​​​Evaluation of customer data for the service

  • Analyses for the development of products

  • Effective expansion of operating business

  • Establishment of reliable risk management

  • Prediction of market or product development

  • ​​​​​​Optimising control through management

  • Visualisation of all relevant KPIs

Our services in the financial sector

We offer banks and financial service providers a service portfolio specifically tailored to the financial sector for their business intelligence solutions. To use existing data efficiently, optimise processes, minimise risks and maintain customer relationships.

Our services as Qlik Expertise Partner in finance include:


  • Customer Intelligence Collecting customer data from internal and external sources to better understand customer motivation and drive business growth.
  • Analysis of investment strategies and benchmarking: As a basis for the orientation of future strategies or the development of products.
  • Risk analysis and management: Creating the greatest possible transparency within the company data to ensure the identification, analysis, evaluation, monitoring and control of risks.
  • Performance and profitability considerations: To present existing data from the development of corporate divisions, investments or products in a clear and meaningful way.
  • Optimised asset management: Using well-founded information to manage the planning, purchase, controlling and sale of assets optimally and in detail.
  • KPIs based on your company: Display of all important key figures in your company to make it easier to monitor the achievement of goals.

Our reference clients from the financial sector

  • Success Story - Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft AG

    Success Story Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft Schweiz AG

    Sales controlling and intuitive data analytics withQlik Sense.


  • Success Story - ASGA Pensionskasse

    Success Story ASGA

    Consolidated data view for sales and management with QlikView.


  • Success Story - Berenberg Bank

    Success Story Berenberg

    Transparent customer relationships with QlikView.