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The ASGA pension fund, with approximately 9,500 member companies and more than 76,000 insured members, is the largest independent business pension fund in Switzerland. Since 1962, the company has been committed to the professional pension scheme of small and medium enterprises from trade, industry, commerce and the service sector. The businesses are attended to by 70 employees at four locations. Services range from individual solutions for BVG obligatory insurance to comprehensive non-obligatory pension and disability and accident.

Bild ASGA Pensionskasse 1
Bild ASGA Pensionskasse 1

Solution overview

  • Industry: Finance

  • Departments: management, sales, controlling

  • Region: St.Gallen, Switzerland

  • System environment: Application: WinPKS, DW/BI: SQL-Server, Database: SQL-Server, Hardware: HP ProLiant DL380

  • Implemented technology: QlikView

  • Project duration: 8 weeks

Initial situation

In order to support the internal business consultant in controlling the sales force, a particular kind of reporting was required. Rather than entrust this to "hard programming" from the core software supplier, Beat Zuberbühler, head of management support for the ASGA pension fund, remembered a live demo presentation of business discovery solution QlikView. "This reporting requirement was, from my point of view, ideal for being implemented with QlikView," said Zuberbühler. "At the same time, we decided to expand this pilot project to management and distribution analyses."

Previously, data for relevant reports had to be read separately from a central application and the accounts payable system and then merged and analysed manually.

Zuberbühler initially became aware of QlikView because of the technological base that allows the combination of different data sources on one interface. QlikView uses a main memory-based approach. In addition, the BI solution has an inference engine that automatically creates associations between data. Data is compressed to up to 10 percent of its original size to optimise processor performance.

Secondly, the self-service BI approach was very persuasive: this enables users to examine their data freely, so they are no longer limited to following a predefined path of questions. At the same time, the color-coded interfaces and mouse click control are very convenient to use, even for operators without in-depth IT knowledge


Only eight weeks are required from the beginning of a project to going live. The pension fund is professionally supported by the Informatec Ltd.liab.Co. application - and the company can easily make GUI adjustments in-house - a significant factor in terms of cost efficiency. Currently, 20 employees from management, sales and controlling use QlikView for the reporting of some 27 million records from WinPKS. With the broker-reporting it is possible to check, among other things, whether there are discrepancies between commission calculations and actual disbursement. Insurance contracts are also displayed according to the distribution channel, company, industry code etc.

In addition, there are analyses of active account development and actuarial reserves as well as stock development according to factors such as age or professional group. The area manager particularly appreciates the graphical display options. At a glance, the core information is recognisable among the mass of available data.

A positive secondary effect is the improved data quality: faulty records in the source systems can be directly identified and corrected.

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The application

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Better customer service

QlikView reports have also become established as an important source of information for our customers: for them, the transparent information on age structures is an important added value, for example with regard to decisions on changes in social benefits or in planning the recruitment of new staff.

Businesses particularly benefitted in the area of consulting for corporate clients and sales partners. "Previously, consultants had to search for the relevant information in various departments" said the head of management support.



In future, the CRM system of ASGA will be linked to QlikView. Moreover, integrated viewing of total tenders is planned.

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  • Our basic principle is that we are a safe fund. Our acceptance criteria for new customers are very strict," explains Zuberbühler. "Thus it is of vital importance for us to know precisely what age group the insured belong to and which professional branch they are from. With QlikView, we have the valid information at our fingertips and can make decisions much more quickly." – Beat Zuberbühler, head of management support, ASGA pension fund

  • Beat Zuberbühler

Our offer

We support discerning SME clients, using innovative business intelligence solutions, to find sound answers to business-related issues and so make the right decisions for safe and reliable company management.