Looking back over current and previous data using business intelligence is the first step to managing processes intelligently. Take the next step towards agility, and towards managing your company’s efficiency in a more targeted way. Experience is only valuable when it results in forward-looking decisions. Find out how you can increase the value of your Qlik BI solution with real corporate performance management, and how you can benefit from fast, precise and unified planning processes. Reduce the burden on your IT department with easy-to-use Qlik interfaces, and support users from your finance team and other specialist departments.

Qlik-Jedox Anbindung

Analysis, Planning & Reporting with Qlik & Jedox

Qlik includes very good data discovery and reporting functions for analysing past data so that companies can understand what happened and why. Jedox seamlessly expands Qlik by adding high-performance planning and predictive analytics, so that you can recognise what will happen so you can manage your company appropriately. Stop making decisions based on your gut feeling, and base them on substantiated forecasts.

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iVIEW learns planning, thanks to Jedox

iVIEW mit Jedox Erweiterungen

Informatec is forging ahead with the customer-orientated development of their BI framework, iVIEW. They are entering into a strategic partnership with Jedox, globally active specialists in BI solutions for business users, and integrating the planning function from the Jedox suite into their whole iVIEW family. This means that iVIEW is one step closer to its long-term vision of a technology-neutral BI platform for demanding KMU, and has expanded its architecture by adding further business intelligence technology alongside QlikView and QlikSense…

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Impressions - Jedox Integration in iVIEW

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  • iVIEW mit Jedox 2
  • iVIEW mit Jedox 3

Qlik-Jedox Connection Functions

Jedox and Qlik access a unified in-memory data pool in order to give you data insights whenever you need them. Jedox can read exported Qlik data and write it back directly into the .qvx format, so that you can combine heterogenous past data in Qlik and use this in Jedox for forward-looking prognoses. Use Qlik to easily create personalised reports and dynamic dashboards to get important information from huge amounts of data. Once you have moved beyond BI, Jedox gives you the chance to create cost plans, flexibly adjust prognoses and visualise results directly in your Qlik dashboard.

The intelligent connection between business intelligence (BI) and corporate performance management (CPM) turns your BI system into a competitive tool, giving you a 360° view of your company.

Whitepaper Qlik-Jedox Anbindung

  • Jedox - Corporate Performance Management

    Specialist users can not only use the Jedox platform to systematically analyse and report past data, but also to create prognoses and plans. The high-performance multi-dimensional Jedox OLAP server supports high-performance analysis and comprehensive reporting as well as writing data back into the central database. This opens up a whole range of possibilities for planning and forecasting solutions.

    Jedox - Platinum VAR Partner


  • Qlik - Business Discovery

    With Qlik’s business discovery concept, all users can get their own overview of data and business processes. Workgroups, departments and whole business areas can access all required data and make better decisions. With Qlik, BI can penetrate all areas of the company, so that all users can work faster and with more flexibility. With Qlik, each and every employee can precisely collect the data they need to complete their tasks and stick to their schedule.

    Qlik Elite Solution Provider


Examples of Jedox Planning Uses

Use Jedox and Qlik to access unified data and business logics, increasing the efficiency of your company’s processes.

  • Your sales staff can create exact forecasts for customer turnover based on past data, which can be used at product level. The sales manager can use this information to plan bills of materials.

  • Your product management employees can independently plan product sales based on sales units. Financial controlling can seamlessly access centrally provided information, and create budgets for individual branches as well as central cost allocations.

Optimally Connected with Your Qlik System Landscape

  • Jedox can read exported Qlik data and write it back directly into the .qvx format, so that you can combine heterogenous past data in Qlik and use this in Jedox for forward-looking prognoses.

  • Power users can access the powerful “R” statistics tool, and can integrate their statistical evaluations in Jedox’s visual analysis environment, which is similar to Excel.

  • You don’t have to load the whole database - just load the data you need, and use the drill-through feature to see individual transactions.

Thanks to the flexibility offered by Qlik and Jedox, you can scale your data sets to suit your needs, offering you the perfect expansion for Qlik’s data visualisation and Jedox’s planning functions.


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