Make every customer interaction count

The digital age liberates buyers and opens new market opportunities. Buyers are better informed. You must be too. Inbound customer engagement through social media and ecommerce channels makes data complex and diverse. Your team must grow sales. How do you use data to better know your customer, shorten sales-cycles, and accurately forecast and close in a rapidly changing market?

Jedox für Vertrieb

Challenges for Sales

  • Disrupted sales cycles

  • Diverse and socialized customer interactions

  • Rapid market changes and adjustments to the sales KPIs

  • Sales-force automation and increased mobility

  • Multi-channel strategies require multi-channel Controlling

  • Volatile markets and sales forecasts

  • Aligning sales strategy with performance

Manage sales performance

Jedox improves your pipeline management by monitoring the entire customer life-cycle, from lead-generation to close. Understand how your pipeline-mix changes at each stage over time. Manage the cross-channel customer buying experience. Striking interactive visualizations mean you present the story behind information for maximum impact to executive management. Move beyond simply describing the past to highlighting opportunities and risks, so your sales team share the confidence and proactively manage concerns. Align your entire organization with your overall sales strategy to boost confidence and productivity.

Accurate sales forecasts

Jedox planning makes your sales planning easier. Use sales planning methods that work. From bottom-up weighted opportunities projecting sales history; to top-down planning incorporating marketing campaigns and strategic goals. Test your forecast assumptions against historical close rates and churn rates to reduce optimism bias.


Examples of Jedox solutions for Sales

  • Sales Reporting

  • Simulations & social media analytics

  • Sales dashboards and predictive pipeline analytics

  • Customer behavior analysis

  • Sales forecasting & capacity planning

  • Price optimization, quote, costing, commission and rebate modelling

  • Sales Dashboards

  • Customer Lifetime Value-Analysis

  • Sales-force automation and increased mobility

  • Jedox Vertrieb

Your benefits with Jedox: Identify revenue opportunities and minimize risks

  • Monetize insights

    Bring the power of data to everyone in your organization to win more and bigger deals. Create striking self-service dashboards and reports for web and mobile devices simply using your Excel skills. Jedox unifies internal and external data, strategic planning, and sales forecasts to enable Business-Driven intelligence.

  • Collaborate effectively

    Foster collaboration within sales-teams, after- sales, marketing, finance, and operations through workflow and process controls. With Jedox, you instantly and securely capture feedback from anyone in your organization to enhance transparency and accountabilit

  • Sell smarter

    Invest with a sales-leader: More than 100,000 users in over 120 countries rely on Jedox. Vodafone, Sanofi, PwC, Virgin, Bacardi, and Unilever trust Jedox to sell smarter

  • Become agile

    Jedox enables you to easily model complex scenarios. Respond immediately to markets and make changes on-the-fly with drag- and-drop ease. Empower your team to independently plan, report, and analyze without programming

  • Grow profitability

    Improve cross-channel pipeline management to secure, nurture and retain customers who love you. Jedox enables you to analyze high data-volumes in seconds – across any business dimension and any level of detail, from any source. Build a 360-view of your customer to improve every interaction. Identify and exploit cross and up-selling potential.

  • Start today

    Jedox is designed to empower you with greater control over your sales outcomes. The flexible Jedox platform makes it easy for you to independently achieve ongoing incremental improvements without long and expensive technical projects.

Agile sales analysis with Jedox

Analyze sales from all directions, seamlessly combining data from your CRMs, ERP’s, Point of Sale systems, and external market data sources. Multi- dimensional Jedox models enable you to easily segment by channel, like- for-like store analysis, customer demographics, product groups, and drill to individual sales transactions. Jedox predictive analytics empowers you to uncover hidden relationships like propensity-to-buy, shopping behavior, and emerging trends. Use behavioral analytics to understand customer characteristics and satisfaction for those at risk of churning. Rank sales contribution or sales margins to prioritize potential markdowns. Jedox gives you data insights to coach sales staff, with lead management and pipeline analysis.



Performance enhancers with Jedox

Jedox gives you a powerful weapon in sales-force automation through embedded and operational Business Intelligence. Automate any manual sales process. Jedox rules model complex costing and pricing without programming. Flexible and secure Jedox connectors allow you to interface with Salesforce, Siebel, SAP and any other CRM. From rebate and replenishment models to premium modelling and credit scoring, Jedox gives you the analytical depth to optimize business processes beyond data discovery and visualizations.

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