Rapid “time to intelligence” for SAP data

Real Time Analytics in the Cloud

Increasing numbers of companies are opting for a cloud strategy to make their IT more agile and open. At the same time, there is an increasing need to make valuable and abundant SAP data easily utilisable for modern analyses and reporting – to achieve data-driven business management.

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SAP data thus have to be available in analysable form on cloud analytics platforms such as Microsoft Azure data services (Azure Synapse, Azure SQL Database, Azure HDInsight, Azure Event Hubs and Azure Datenbrick) – ideally in real time, since the data are mostly required for real-time analytics, for example in

  • Controlling for real-time monitoring of the payment period (days sales outstanding (DSO))

  • Logistics area for the continuous monitoring of stocks as well as additions and disposals throughout the current business year (permanent inventory)

  • Production planning and control area for order monitoring of ongoing production

  • Online banking to classify transactions in real time

  • Customer Relationship Management, in order to obtain up-to-the-minute information about clients while interacting with the client

Key technology data integration

Efficient, consistent and automated data integration plays an important role. The high complexity and proprietary nature of SAP applications and the associated data model and system used to make using SAP data in the Cloud a time-consuming and expensive challenge. The innovative potential of cloud technologies for data analysis often remains untapped.

There are now various advanced data integration tools available which enable data to be transferred from SAP systems into non-SAP environments. The following example shows how such a solution can be implemented in order to successfully use SAP data on cloud analytics platforms.



Real-time analytics of SAP data using Qlik and Microsoft technology

The success formula for making SAP data in the cloud utilisable for modern real-time analysis consists of three perfectly harmonised components:

  • an automated real-time data pipeline by means of Qlik data integration

  • data provision in the Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics cloud data warehouse

  • visualisation of the analysis of SAP data (in combination with non-SAP data) in Microsoft power BI



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    Qlik Data Integration supports all SAP core applications and can automatically deliver real-time data with change data capture (CDC) to Azure Synapse, in an optimised format. The decoding of the complex, use-specific data structures from SAP and subsequent automated creation of analysable datasets provides data analysts with correct, consistent, complete and current SAP data, which they need for better business insights.

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    Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics is a completely managed cloud data warehouse that is designed to also analyse Big Data effectively and faster. Due to the high scalability, almost unlimited amounts of data from external systems can be input, prepared and analysed, even in real time. Individual columns and rows can be analysed with differing security settings and authorisations. Dynamic data masking is also possible, as is long-lasting encryption of all data.

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    Microsoft Power BI offers a wide variety of easily usable visualisation and reporting functions which the end-user can deploy to create their own reports and dashboards using the information that is relevant to them in each scenario. Power BI and Azure Synapse are integrated natively, so that the user can seamlessly analyse around a petabyte of data in seconds.

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Combining the three solutions enables companies to use their SAP data reliably, securely and in real time on one of the most modern cloud analytics platforms, for rapid and well-founded decision making – whether for:

  • simplified retrieval of SAP data
  • analytics and reporting using real-time data from SAP systems
  • to link success-critical data from SAP and non-SAP systems for system-independent analyses
  • predictive analytics on the basis of SAP data with the Azure machine learning platform

Qlik Data Integration for SAP & Azure Synapse

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