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The energy sector and its challenges

The energy required in Switzerland is not only produced within Switzerland, but also sourced from abroad. Some large companies such as Axpo, Alpiq or BKW are the main suppliers and there are also a large number of regional utility companies (RUs), including EBM, EBL or IWB. Due to market liberalisation and increasing digitalisation, energy supply companies in particular are facing new requirements in their supply areas. They provide their networks for the supply of electricity, gas and water, must meet the required standards, guarantee network security with reliable maintenance and secure their margins while meeting all these requirements. In addition, end users are now not only free to decide on the source of their energy supply. They also demand added value from the energy supplier that meets their individual requirements and want to control and individually regulate their consumption in real time, for example. Intelligent energy meters or smart metering are important keywords here.


The challenges facing utility companies (RUs)

  • Establishing optimised maintenance cycles, preventive maintenance

  • Digitalisation of network structures

  • Smart metering for real-time monitoring

  • Automated preparation of regular ELCom reporting

  • IS-E, ABACUS or SAP IS-U contract administration and tariff billing, as well as EDM systems (energy data management)

Business intelligence in the field of energy

Areas of application for business intelligence in the energy sector

Nowadays, networks have to: Store energy with higher efficiency and exchange load information in real time to achieve optimum load distribution over time. A solution for this is thus smart BI, business intelligence for intelligent power grids. This involves a smart power grid (Smart Grid) and the communicative networking and control of power generators, storage facilities and electrical consumers. Business intelligence plays a central role in processing the immense amounts of data and controlling a smart grid of this kind.

Another solution is Energy 4.0. This is BI software which the energy industry can use to efficiently shape the digital transformation. Here, for example, business intelligence processes the data volumes to evaluate weather forecasts that can be incorporated into the control of wind turbines. Or consumption profiles of hydroelectric power plants can be mapped in order to determine targeted production quantities and compensate for peak loads. In addition, consumption data can be used to provide information for marketing in order to design products or campaigns.

Our experience in the field of energy

We have been supporting customers in the energy sector for many years with targeted business intelligence solutions. Here are some references of our work:

Our customer experiences with Qlik

BI solutions and technologies used at IWB (Industrielle Werke Basel)

Our reference customers in the energy sector

Informatec is a certified expertise partner

Our technology partner Qlik has awarded us "Expertise Status" for many industry segments, including "Oil & Gas" and "Mill Production", our fields of expertise "Energy" in Switzerland. The qualification for "Expertise Status" includes an internal qualification process. Among other things, documented customer experience reports and tried-and-tested Qlik applications will be submitted. With our status as Qlik's financial expertise partner, we prove that we can implement Qlik products in this industry with added value and value. It also proves our sound Qlikk and application know-how. For our customers, it is clear proof of our successful cooperation with Qlik in general and especially in the energy sector.

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