Qlik Associative Big Data Index

With Qlik Associative Big Data Index (QABDI) you gain access to your data like never before, shedding the need for intermediary repositories and time consuming steps of transferring and preparing your data before analysis. How you may ask yourself? The QABDI provides a solution focused on simplifying enterprise data management. It allows its customers the ability to manage, prepare and deliver analytics ready data to every business user. It also transforms traditional data supply chains into a self-service, on-demand marketplace. 



Qlik Associative Big Data Index - Benefits

  • Full Scope

    Full Scope Qlik Associative Big Data Index


    See the forest and not just the trees. Explore your data with a complete view of your business and external forces that impact it. Context is key in understanding the meaning of data. Get the full scope of what you are analyzing and ask not just the obvious questions but also establish underlying relations allowing for a deeper insight and meaningful analysis.

  • Data for everyone

    Data for everyone - Qlik Associative Big Data Index


    It is important to encourage a working culture where collaboration and inquiry are key. This tool promotes these key aspects across your entire organization as more users gain access to data and can exert their curiosity upon it. You don’t have to be a Data Engineer to discover the hidden meaning of your data, QABDI empowers every user in your company and institutes a true data democracy.

  • Scalability

    Scalability - Qlik Associative Big Data Index


    QABDI is a Big Data solution and keeps up with your company’s data influx and growth assuring scalability of indexes and data analysis capacity. By allowing distribute processing across a cluster, QABDI grants your organization the freedom to be in control and choose platforms, technologies, and strategies that best suit your needs. 

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