Success Stories

  • Actelion


    Pharmaceutical and chemical

    Actelion Pharma Schweiz AG is the Swiss subsidiary of Actelion based in Baden. Actelion is a biopharmaceutical company founded in 1997 and listed since 2000. In the meantime, it has developed from the pioneer in the research and application of endothelin receptor antagonists into a scientifically and economically important international company, which is represented in over 25 countries. Actelion specializes in the research, development and marketing of new synthetic, small-molecule substances as innovative drugs for rare diseases.

  • amac_logo



    AMAC AEOROSPACE, with headquarters in Basel, was founded in 2007. The company specialises in the areas of luxury interiors for private jets and the maintenance of all types of aircraft.

  • Logo Arcondis



    With approximately 90 consultants, ARCONDIS is the largest consultancy company in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, specialising exclusively in the life-sciences industry. Since its foundation in 2001, interdisciplinary teams from the locations in Basel, Frankfurt and Munich have been managing local and global projects in the areas of compliance, business process transformation, IT and information management.

    Success Story - ARCONDIS
  • Logo ASGA Pensionskasse



    Since 1962, the ASGA pension fund has been taking care of the pension funds of small and medium-sized companies from industry, trade, business and services. Since 1962, the ASGA pension fund has been taking care of the pension funds of small and medium-sized companies from industry, trade, business and services.

    Success Story - ASGA pension fund
  • Axpo Gruppe

    Axpo Gruppe

    Energy and the environment

    The Axpo Group is one of the "lifelines" of Switzerland: Together with the electricity-generating plants of the cantons, the company supplies about 2.5 million people with electricity in north-eastern Switzerland.

    Success Story - Axpo
  • Bachem Groupe

    Bachem Groupe

    Pharmaceutical and chemical

    The Bachem group is a technology company operating in the field of biochemistry, which develops products and services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The headquarters of the company, which was founded in 1971, are in Bubendorf, in the canton of Baselland. The group includes eight companies, with more than 600 employees in Europe and the United States.

  • Bank Linth

    Bank Linth


    Since 1848 Bank Linth has been the competent partner around financial matters. With 19 locations and a business volume of CHF 12.6 billion, Bank Linth is the largest regional bank in eastern Switzerland. Bank Linth's forward-looking branch office concept, which is geared to personal advice, has around 200 employees in the five regions of Linthgebiet, Lake Zurich, Sarganserland, Ausserschwyz and Winterthur. 

  • BLKB

    Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank


    BLKB is the largest bank in Baselbiet and one of the leading banks in northwest Switzerland. Currently more than 750 people work at the BLKB; 40 in an apprenticeship or in an internship. It is the point of contact for private, business, municipalities and the canton, making a contribution to the positive development of the entire region by acting responsibly. In addition to the 21 branches in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, BLKB is also present in Breitenbach SO and in Basel. With the mobile bank BLKB serves six localities in the Oberbaselbiet.

  • Baumann & CIE

    Baumann & CIE


    Baumann & CIE is constituted as a limited partnership and thus as a partnership. Complementaries bear full responsibility for doing and leaving. Liability is not limited to company capital. The complementaries are also responsible for all decisions with the house and court. As a result, Baumann & CIE is primarily committed to customers, their families and employees. This commitment guides them in their daily actions. Baumann & CIE is independent and want to remain so.

    Customer video Bank Baumann

  • berenberg_logo

    Berenberg Bank (Switzerland) AG


    The Berenberg Bank (Switzerland) AG, based in Zurich and with a branch in Geneva, is a 100% subsidiary of the Berenberg Bank in Hamburg. It was founded in 1590 and is thus one of the oldest private banks in the world. The Berenberg Bank (Switzerland) AG was founded in 1988 as "Berenberg Finanz AG" in Zurich and started its activities as a bank-analogue financial company in Switzerland. In the year 2001, the Berenberg Bank (Switzerland) AG was granted bank status. Today the Bank manages approx. 3.2 billion Swiss Franks with over 70 employees and carries responsibility within the group for "international private banking" activities.

    Success Story - Berenberg Bank
  • Bethesda Spital

    Bethesda Spital

    Social and health care

    The Bethesda Spital in Basel is a renowned private hospital with two core competencies

    • Center for Women & Birth
    • Center for Musculoskeletal System & Rehabilitation

    The two core areas are complemented by the broad medical, nursing and therapeutic basic range of an acute hospital with a comprehensive outpatient service.

  • Bürgerspital Basel

    Bürgerspital Basel

    Social and health care

    The Bürgerspital Basel is a socio-medical company that is recognised beyond the city limits and is part of the Basel Bürgergemeinde. For over 750 years, the Bürgerspital Basel has been a firmly established institution in the region. Originally charged with the care of the sick and elderly, the social-medical company has since developed into an innovative service provider, which, with its wide range of services, has played a pioneering role in shaping the quality of life and social coexistence.

  • Logo Cargologic

    Cargologic AG

    Transport and logistics

    Cargologic has been specialising in handling air cargo on behalf of airlines and carriers for over 50 years. The company is the leading Swiss provider of air cargo handling. The approximately 800 employees process up to 440,000 tonnes of air freight annually. The company has operations at airports in Switzerland (Zurich, Bern). Cargologic offers airlines and forwarders tailor-made solutions for the full range of tasks in the field of air cargo handling. These include handling imports, exports and transit as well as special cargo and implementing security checks for air cargo.

    Success Story - Cargologic
  • City of Lucerne

    City of Lucerne


    The city of Lucerne is in the Lucerne district and, with around 77,400 inhabitants, is the seventh largest city in Switzerland and capital of the canton of Lucerne. With 1,494 km2, it is the ninth-largest canton in Switzerland. There are approximately 350,000 inhabitants.

  • Informatec - Success Story



    Compona AG has been providing electronic and electrical connection technology to the Swiss market for decades. Compona's comprehensive range of numerous well-known brands, consistent focus on high quality, as well as extensive technical know-how have made Compona one of Switzerland's leading companies in this sector.

  • Direct Mail Company Logo

    Direct Mail Company


    The Direct Mail Company, a subsidiary of Swiss Post, has its head office in Basel. It is one of the leading Swiss service providers and is responsible for the delivery of advertising material to households and businesses. The direct marketing company employs  over 200 fixed and 5000 part-time employees throughout Switzerland and closes the gap between providers and consumers. The Direct Mail Company gives them the opportunity to transmit advertising messages competently and purposefully.

    Success Story - Direct Mail Company
  • Domicil


    Social and health care

    Domicil is a public limited company with a charitable purpose and the first address for living and old age in the greater Bern area, as well as Biel and Thun.

    The name Domicil stands for an active, fulfilled and carefree life in old age. Domicil offers elderly people who are looking for support and security for health or personal reasons a home that meets their needs and habits. Every day, 1700 employees in our 23 homes ensure that our 1650 senior citizens feel well looked after.


  • DPD


    Transport and logistics

    DPD is one of the leading providers of express and parcel services in Europe and is the number one private express and parcel service provider in Switzerland. DPD is represented in over 40 countries with a total of more than 800 own depots and has more than 800 employees at 11 locations. DPD employs more than 24,000 people worldwide.

  • logo_ep

    ElectronicPartner Switzerland AG


    ElectronicPartner is the leading European group for independent trading and systems house entrepreneur in the entertainment electronics, telecommunications, information technology, domestic appliances and digital sectors. The company, whose shares are majority owned by the EXPERT group, by which it is also controlled, aims to operate in the retail sector by acting in purchase cooperation.


  • Logo Embru -Werke AG

    Embru-Werke AG


    Embru is a leading supplier of quality furniture for schools, care, offices and classics. Embru attaches great importance to functional design, form and safety. The high quality standards guarantee durable and high-quality products. Embru furniture is manufactured according to ecological principles in state-of-the-art machining centres. Approximately 200 employees, including 14 trainees, work for Embru at the headquarters in Rüti ZH and at several other locations in Switzerland. Embru offers comprehensive solutions and is a specialist in the implementation of ideas and concepts for professional furnishing. 

  • Energie Service Biel

    Energie Service Biel/Bienne

    Energy and the environment

    The energy service Biel / Bienne (ESB) is the leading energy service company in the Biel area. 150 employees provide ESB customers with electricity, natural gas and water 365 days a year. The ESB is relying on renewable energies, such as pigeon hole flow from hydropower and biogas. Employees are happy to pass on experience and expertise to customers. This commitment makes the ESB your strong partner for Biel and the region of Zealand.

  • Titlis

    Engelberg Titlis


    Meanwhile, the company TITLIS Bergbahnen, Hotels & Gastronomy is one of the largest mountain railway and tourism companies in Switzerland. Depending on the season, up to 350 employees take care of the welfare and safety of the guests. In addition to cableway and lift facilities, as well as several restaurants and shops, the Berghotel Trübsee, the Hotel Terrace and the TITLIS Resort in Engelberg are also part of the company.

    Success Story - Titlis Engelbergbahnen
  • Ferax Treuhand AG Logo

    Ferax Treuhand AG


    Ferax Treuhand AG primarily serves small and medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries in the areas of accounting, legal and tax advice, auditing and management consultancy. For private individuals, the range of services extends from tax advice and legal advice to questions regarding pension provision and estate planning. Ferax also supports its clients with start-ups and financing.

    Success Story - Ferax Treuhand AG
  • Logo Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft

    Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft (Schweiz) AG


    Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft (Schweiz) AG is the “Private Bank” of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, one of the largest financial groups in the world. Its headquarters are in Zurich and it has a subsidiary bank and two other subsidiaries (Family Office of the Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft AG and IMAP M&A Consultants AG) in Frankfurt am Main and Mannheim. With assets of around twelve billion Swiss francs under management, it is one of the largest and most powerful private banks in Germany and the second largest German-owned private bank in Switzerland.

    Success Story - Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft (Schweiz) AG
  • Heilsarmee


    Social and health care

    The Heilsarmee is represented worldwide in 128 countries, its international seat is in London. Head is General André Cox. The Swiss Heilsarmee has existed since 1882. It forms a common territory with Austria and Hungary. The Heilsarmee is an international movement and part of the worldwide Christian Church. Your message is based on the Bible. Their ministry is motivated by the love of God. Their mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to alleviate human distress without regard to the person.

    Success Story - Salvation Army
  • Logo Heiniger



    Founded in 1946 as a trading company for fruit and vegetables, since the 1960s Heiniger AG has been producing shearing devices and cutters at its headquarters in Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland Heiniger AG for sheep, cattle, camelids, goats and horses as well as dogs. The family-owned company, with subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand and qualified distribution partners in more than 50 countries worldwide, has established itself as a global leader in animal shearing devices. Every day millions of farm animals and pets are shorn and cared for with Heiniger devices.

    Success Story - Heiniger
  • Helsana



    The Helsana Group is a trustworthy Swiss health and accident insurance for the health and care of private individuals and companies. The company is a non-stock exchange listed company and is organized as a holding company. The companies Helsana and Progrès operate the operating business under the holding roof. Helsana employs more than 3,000 people across Switzerland and has a leading position in the Swiss insurance market with a premium volume of more than CHF 6 billion.

  • IWB


    Energy and the environment

    IWB is the company for energy, water and telecom. It provides and networks its customers in the Basel region and beyond: committed, competent and reliable. IWB is a leading provider of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

    Success Story - IWB
  • Logo JET Services

    JET Services


    JET Services Marketing GmbH & Co. KG is a German, internationally operating agency for trade marketing. With around 420 employees, the company specialises in the specialised trade, retail and eTail sales markets with clients from the B2B and B2C sectors. The focus is on the information technology, telecommunications, consumer electronics, automotive and sports, health and fitness lifestyle sectors. JET Services optimises the distribution channel from the manufacturer to the retailer and ultimately to the end customer. The service portfolio ranges from leased external sales forces and high-quality promotion campaigns to sustainable trade fair appearances and events.

    Success Story - JET Services
  • Johanneum


    Social and health care

    Since 1902, the Johanneum has been the reference point for people with mental retardation or a learning disabilities - currently, there are approximately 220 pupils, young people and adults. The goal of the Johanneum is to pave the way for entry into the labour market or to provide a meaningful life within the sheltered area of the home.

  • Kantonsspital Baden

    Kantonsspital Baden

    Social and health care

    The Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) hospital is both a primary care provider and a specialist provider. For more than 350,000 inhabitants in the eastern part of the canton of Aargau, KSB offers safe health care close to their homes. In addition, specialists from various disciplines work closely together in various interdisciplinary centres. Roughly 20,700 patients were treated as inpatients at the KSB in 2019; the number of outpatient consultations in the same year was around 244,300. KSB has 2,524 employees, making it one of the largest employers in the region.

    Success Story - Kantonsspital Baden
  • Lamprecht Transport AG

    Lamprecht Transport AG

    Transport and logistics

    Lamprecht Transport AG is an owner-managed medium-sized Swiss company with over 65 years of expertise in the international transportation market. Core competencies: road transport, sea freight, air freight, combined transport, project transports, special transports, cross-trade, transport of dangerous goods, express services, exhibition logistics, logistics services, customs services, business and holiday travel.

    Success Story - Lamprecht
  • Medicall


    Social and health care

    Medicall helps people. Competent and efficient. Worldwide and around the clock. The assistance company is independent in the market. This means: according to the wishes of the client - also in his name. Medicall maintains a partnership with its clients. Their individual needs are best supported.

  • Merz + Benteli

    Merz + Benteli

    Pharmaceutical and chemical

    As a specialist for adhesives and sealants, Merz + Benteli AG has for many years been committed to the high quality, ease of use and ecological characteristics of their products. Modern production is based at at their company headquarters in Niederwangen, as are the development labs, marketing, sales and management. Specific questions and challenges are rapidly transformed into optimal design suggestions for the customers.

    Success Story - merz+benteli
  • Monvia


    Social and health care

    Monvia is a fast growing subsidiary of CONCORDIA. The company is operationally independent and medically independent. Monvia currently employs over 170 people. Long-term planning and commitment to the future of outpatient basic care determine business policy.

  • orell füssli

    Orell Füssli


    The Orell Füssli Sicherheitsdruck pursues the same goals as the company founder Christoph Froschauer (first book printer in Zurich) in the 16th century: enter new territory - by reaching outstanding uniqueness and security! Orell Füssli Sicherheitssdruck is the specialist for security technologies, security products and solutions and a leading manufacturer of banknotes identification documents and systems security documents. The company is located in Zurich. Orell Füssli Sicherheitsdruck AG is a company of the Orell Füssli Group.

  • packimpex_logo


    Transport and logistics

    Packimpex offers innovative and sustainable relocation solutions for the needs of international companies and new settlers. The company boasts a highly qualified professional team, which offers advice and coordination. Their consultants have excellent people skills as well as local and global competency. Packimpex ensures a positive relocation experience.

    Success Story - Packimpex
  • Logo peka-metall



    For over 50 years, the Swiss family business peka has been developing and producing pull-out systems as well as complete solutions for the kitchen and furniture industry. The company based in Mosen by Lake Hallwil is a world market leader in tall cabinet pull-outs, extendable corner solutions and user-friendly, ecologically smart waste separation systems. Numerous international patents testify to the innovative strength of the company. The range comprises over 800 sales articles. peka has around 130 employees and distributes its products worldwide in more than 50 countries.

    Success Story - peka-metall
  • Perspektive Thurgau

    Perspektive Thurgau

    Social and health care

    The Perspektive Thurgau is a non-profit organization for health promotion and prevention, mothers and fathers counseling, couples, family and youth counseling as well as addiction counseling. Members of the Association are all 80 political congregations of the Canton of Thurgau as well as part of the school and church communities. The association is financed by contributions from municipalities and the canton, through income from paid work, as well as through donations. The purpose of the non-profit organization is to help the people of the canton of Thurgau consciously and healthy deal with their physical, psychological and social resources and ability.

  • Prosus



    PROSUS, a cooperative founded in 1969 and headquartered in Weinfelden, is the largest independent and ISO certified pig marketing company in the Switzerland. Their members and suppliers are also members of the cooperative. PROSUS operates independently of force-feeding, takes care of all transportation issues, negotiates prices and offers a very wide range of services oriented towards the slogan: «Healthy pigs - excellent meat».

  • Logo PDAG

    Psychiatrische Dienste Aargau AG (PDAG)

    Social and health care

    Psychiatric Services Aargau AG (PDAG) safeguard psychiatric treatment and care by providing emergency services and crisis intervention for the population of the canton of Aargau. PDAG are owned by the canton of Aargau and comprise four clinics with specific offerings for all age and patient groups. Around 1,300 people in over 50 professions work for PDAG, which is a teaching hospital of the Medical Faculty of the University of Zurich and a training centre for professions in the healthcare sector.

    Success Story - Psychiatric services Aargau AG (PDAG)
  • RAPP



    Rapp is a leading Swiss planning and consulting group, which integrally creates and further develops living spaces and environments, with the help of around 450 engineers, architects and experts. They offer innovative customer solutions for building, organisation & technology, supply & disposal, traffic & transport, area & environment as well as metering & billing.

  • Reichkupplungen

    Reich Kupplungen


    For more than 70 years, REICH-KUPPLUNGEN has been producing a comprehensive range of torsion-elastic couplings in Bochum. One focus and essential quality factor is the development and manufacture of the elastomers used. All components of the drive elements are produced on state-of-the-art production facilities. Our state-of-the-art test rigs and facilities are the guarantee for high-quality and long-lasting products of drive components of the brand REICH-KUPPLUNGEN.

  • Rhenus Logistics

    Rhenus Logistics

    Transport and logistics

    Rhenus is one of Europe's leading providers of integrated logistics services. With 28,000 employees at 580 locations, they realize comprehensive and innovative concepts for their customers.

  • Rhyboot


    Social and health care

    The RHYBOOT Association is a private organisation for people with various disabilities in the Rhine Valley. It provides residential, occupational, employment, inclusion and training places. Members include individuals, institutions, companies and communities.




    With a Jedox- and Qlik-based solution, Informatec enables RONAL GROUP to collect, analyze and visualize data from a heterogeneous system landscape in 13 plants on three continents in a group-wide standardized manner.

    Success Story - RONAL GROUP



    SAGER is the Swiss premium brand for innovative heat and sound insulation. SAGER offers tailor-made customer solutions and fast, reliable service. SAGER stands for more residential comfort and high energy efficiency, protects the environment and helps to save costs.

  • Schweizerische

    Schweizerische Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft

    Social and health care

    The Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society sees itself as the first port of call for MS throughout Switzerland and is available to sufferers, relatives, specialists, volunteers and interested parties for questions about the disease. A wide range of services is available to help in life with MS.

  • St. Claraspital Basel

    St. Claraspital Basel

    Social and health care

    The Claraspital is a privately owned hospital and an essential element of the health care system in the north-western Switzerland. It is characterised by excellent treatment and comprehensive medical skills, which are provided to the service standard of a private hospital. 
    Claraspital runs two centres - the stomach and the tumor center, is the reference hospital for obesity and operates the specialities of pneumology, urology, cardiology, orthopedics/traumatology.


  • Logo MS Gesellschaft


    Social and health care

    The Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society is the first point of contact for people affected by multiple sclerosis, their relatives, volunteers, specialists and contacts on all topics relating to the disease multiple sclerosis (MS). Founded in 1959, it now has 15,000 members, is supported by 75,000 donors and operates in three centres in Zurich, Lausanne and Lugano. 

    Success Story - Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • swiss olympic

    Swiss Olympic


    Swiss Olympic ist das Nationale Olympische Komitee und der Dachverband für den privatrechtlich organisierten Schweizer Sport. Zu den Mitgliedern zählen 76 nationale Sportverbände und 12 Partnerorganisationen, denen rund zwei Millionen Sporttreibende in rund 19’500 Vereinen angehören.

    Success Story - Swiss Olympic
  • schweizer_jugendherberge_logo

    Swiss Youth Hostel


    Swiss youth hostels have a network of 52 institutions. They are in the best locations. Its brand values emphasise quality, socially responsible and environmentally-friendly tourism.

  • Swiss Ski



    The Swiss Ski Association "Swiss-Ski" is the umbrella organization of Swiss snow sport. Since its founding in 1904, Swiss-Ski has been one of the most important and successful sports federations in Switzerland. Under its umbrella are the eleven disciplines of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, nordic combination, ski jumping, biathlon, snowboard, ski cross, freeskiing, bump piste, aerials and telemark.

    Success Story - Swiss-Ski
  • Integra

    The Integra Foundation for the disabled, in Freiamt

    Social and health care

    The Foundation was established in 1979. The Integra Foundation for the Disabled in Freiamt is a company with social obligation for adolescents and adults who are mentally, physically or emotionally impaired. Its range includes sheltered work centers, assisted living facilities and training, clarification and integration courses.

  • TopPharm


    Pharmaceutical and chemical
    Social and health care

    TopPharm is the largest group of independent pharmacies in German-speaking Switzerland. Currently, TopPharm in the German-speaking part of Switzerland has 130 member pharmacies with 1800 employees - pharmacists, pharmaceutical assistants, druggists - affiliated. Together, they generate sales of over CHF 350 million with a frequency of around eight million customers per year. The TopPharm Cooperative is an independent cooperative without financial participation. 

  • Trafina Privatbank

    Trafina Privatbank


    The equity of Trafina Privatbank is 5 times the statutory minimum. As a result, their customers enjoy the security of their deposits. The cost structure is clear, comprehensible and transparent. Trafina Privatbank does not accept retrocessions, finder fees and kickbacks, but pass these on to the customers in the form of special conditions on brokerage fees and deposit fees. Through long-term experience and ongoing training, contacts with universities and the involvement of external experts in the investment committee, Trafina Privatbank ensures that the investment activity is carried out on the highest professional level.

  • Logo Trisa AG

    Trisa AG


    Founded in 1887 in Triengen/Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland and Europe, TRISA AG is today a leading global supplier of products in the fields of oral hygiene, hair care and body care. As an industry leader with a long tradition, TRISA products are sold on all continents in more than 80 countries. Every day, more than a million products manufactured according to the strictest quality criteria leave their modern factories. The export share is around 95 percent. 

  • UKBB

    Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel

    Social and health care

    The UKBB is an independent, university competence center for child and adolescent medicine as well as for teaching and research and one of the three independent children's hospitals in Switzerland. The UKBB ensures the cantonal child and adolescent medical care and is also responsible for regional and supra-regional healthcare. The UKBB is one of the leading university child and youth medicine centers in Switzerland.

  • Universitätsspital Basel

    Universitätsspital Basel

    Social and health care

    The Universitätsspital Basel is one of the leading medical centers in Switzerland with a high international standard. The doctors, doctors and nurses provide round the clock on the basis of the latest scientific findings and state-of-the-art medical equipment for the wellbeing, safety and recovery of the patients.

  • Valorec Services AG

    Valorec Services AG

    Energy and the environment

    Valorec Services AG, with headquarters in Basel, is a Swiss environmental services company specialising in waste and energy management. The company offers various services related to the fields of waste disposal, recovery and waste recycling. Their second business area includes energy services in the area of technical systems in buildings. These range from planning and project management through operation, maintenance and maintenance, as well as energy supply and contracting, to integral facility management.

    Success Story Valorec Operations

    Success Story - Valorec
  • Vebego



    Vebego AG offers individual and comprehensive service packages in the Facility Service - covering all areas of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Vebego AG employs 6,000 people and has a wide range of services in the areas of Facility Service Management, Property Service, Cleaning Service, Security Service, Support Service and Eco & Innovation Service.

  • Bank von Roll Privatbank

    Von Roll Bank


    The Von Roll Bank AG, based in Zurich, is a joint-stock company and became operational in 2009. The business focus is in the area of classic asset management and investment advice for private clients and institutional investors.

  • Logo Vorwerk

    Vorwerk International & Co. KmG


    In its more than 130-year history, the Vorwerk & Co. Group has developed from a carpet factory to a diverse group of international companies. The product and service portfolio includes high-quality home ap-pliances, carpets, cosmetics and services in the fields of leasing and financing. The Group operates in over 70 countries and employs more than 645,000 people worldwide, in-cluding more than 633,000 self-employed consultants.

    Success Story - Vorwerk
  • Wagner + Betontechnik

    Wagner + Betontechnik


    Wagner AG, founded in 1972,  merged in 1987 with the Tremix concrete technology AG. Thereby the core competencies of vibration technology and concrete finishing at Wagner + Betontechnik AG were merged. As a reliable partner, Wagner + Betontechnik  AG places competent and reputable advice in the foreground. The sale and rental of machinery and equipment of highest quality, as well as the maintenance and repair their own and all similar products are supported by the own delivery and pickup service.

  • wascosa_logo


    Transport and logistics

    The family business WASCOSA, headquartered in Lucerne, has for many years been a pioneer in the sector. The company's core business is the rental and management of freight cars for rail transport.

    Customer video WASCOSA

  • Wüest Partner

    Wüest Partner


    SWüest Partner was founded in 1985 and since then has been an independent, owner-managed consultancy firm with over 220 employees at four locations each in Switzerland and Germany. The focus is on the construction and real estate markets as well as spatial and location development. With a broad range of services comprising consultancy, valuation, applications, data and publications, Wüest Partner supports clients in Switzerland and abroad, using its expertise to create transparency and first-class decision-making bases and to pave new paths for the further development of the real estate industry.

    Success Story - Wüest Partner AG