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Migros Bank is one of the leading Swiss banks, with around  800,000 customer relationships and total assets of over CHF 50 billion. It is one of the five largest Swiss mortgage banks, has a broadly diversified investment range and one of the most comprehensive offerings for sustainability funds in Switzerland. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, it upholds the cooperative values of Migros. It employs more than 1,450 people on a full-time basis and has 70 branch offices.

Migros Bank AG

Solution at a glance

  • Industry: Banking

  • Departments: Sales, Risk Management, Bank Income Statement

  • Region: Zurich (Switzerland)

  • Data sources: Oracle-based data warehouse

  • Implemented technlogies: Qlik Sense

  • ROI & Time-to-value: Rapid provision of clearly visualized data as the basis for business decisions along the lines of data-driven corporate management


Faster realisation of what´s going on

For over ten years, Migros Bank has known just how valuable data are as the basis for the corporate management, because for the past decade, the bank has been using business intelligence software to derive decision-relevant knowledge.

The bank wanted to introduce a more modern analytics and reporting solution, so that it could visualise data even faster and more comprehensibly and convert it into reports.

"The world is turning even faster, so we all need to be able to more quickly and effectively see where  our business stands. This is specialy true in sales," explains Daniel Bolt, Head of Business Development at Migros Bank AG." For this reason, we wanted to use a solution that could visualise data graphically." 


Qlik convinced with its visualisations and ease of use

Two solutions made it onto the bank´s shortlist. Qlik won the race, mainly because of its diverse visualisation options." Another decisive factor was its ease of use," adds Kai Engelmann, Analytics Specialist at Migros Bank AG. " We follow a self-service BI strategy, in which the employees in the specialist departments can use the information they obtain from the data to operate independently."

Centralised data provision

The data which is relevant for reporting is provided via an interface through a central, Oracle based data warehouse, which is fed with data from the core banking system as well as from about thirty upstream systems. " We recognised very early on how important it is to integrate data into a Single Point of Truth in order to continue to use data meaningfully," says Daniel Bolt.

"Combined with Qlik as a highly flexible BI front-end, that gives us multiple ways to link data in order to gain insights." 

Smooth migration to Qlik

Informatec, the BI specialist for consulting and needs-based implementation of comprehensive BI solutions for analysis, reporting and planning and Qlik Elite Solution.

Provider, was responsible for implementing Qlik, setting up the data loads and migrating the approximately 20 existing applications to Qlik.

Among other things, applications in sales were migrated, for example to map the degree of achievement of sales targets, and applications for Risk Management. Cost centre accounting, bank result accounting and operational reporting were also transferred to Qlik.

In parallel, together with Migros Bank, Informatec developed applications directly in Qlik. For example, one application provides an overview of the most important product-specific KPI´s.

Applications for Sales Funnel Management were also realised, for example to analyse the relationship between clicks on the Migros Bank website and product sales and turnover.

At the end-user level, the applications are used by around 200 employees. Data access is regulated the same way as regulatory and organisational framework conditions, via an authorisation concept. " Transparency is very important to us. Naturally, there are issues for which we need to restrict data access, especially in the sensitive banking sector," adds Daniel Bolt.


Know-how-Transfer through Informatec

Informatec trained seven employees from the analytics and IT teams of the bank to take care of independent development of further Qlik applications, from data aggregation to dashboard Design.

"Informatec supported us very well throughout the project, from building an understanding of the basic architecture to migration, application development and training, " says Daniel Bolt.

"During the process we greatly appreciated Informatec´s wealth of experience and their way of working in a close partnership of equals, maintaining regular contact with us as newcomers to Qlik and driving things forward."

Areas of application and benefits

Knowledge at a glance

For Kai Engelmann, the biggest advantage of migrating to Qlik is the graphical representation of the query results:" You can see trends at a glance. "Key benefits of Qlik are the ability to drill down into the data from the overall bank view to the region or branch, or to drill through to additional dashboards using the set filter throughout."

Migros Bank also benefits from uniform,standardised reports and applications, as Daniel Bolt explains:" With Qlik, we could very easily ensure that the look and feel is always the same. For example, filters are always placed on the left hand side. Once users understand the principle, they can work witn any application and any report without having to find their way around again and again."

End users are also excited about how easy Qlik makes it to read data and understand the insights it provides. Outliers or anomalies can be better analysed because you can look at the data from different angles: Data can be viewed flexibly from perspectives such as individual business areas, regions, branches or the bank as a whole and compared with values from previous periods or with each other.

"Working analytically with numbers has changed with the use of Qlik," Daniel Bolt concludes.

"Acting with data to make operational decisions has become second nature to users."

"Qlik has become part of the daily work routine that many users really enjoy;" adds Kai Engelmann.

Qlik enables us to ensure the greatest possible transparency on a "need-to-know" basis, to ensure the data consumers are not overwhelmed with too much data but only receive the information they need for their work." 

Kai Engelmann, Spezialist Analytics bei der Migros Bank AG


Our business strategy is focused on various goals such as growth, quality and the development of new business areas. To achieve these goals, we need to be able to use data as coordinates for corporate management. An essential tool in this is Qlik as a convenient front end and analysis and reporting.

Daniel Bolt, Leiter Business Development bei der Migros Bank AG


  • Challenges

    • Faster data provision
    • Graphical visualisation of data
    • Simple use in the self-service procedure
    • Automated report generation
  • Solution

    Implementation of Qlik Sense Enterprise on premise 

  • Results

    • uncomplicated, cross-company retrievability of data
    • various visualisation options
    • automated report generation and distribution
    • uniform, standardised reporting