Effective planning minimises the risks for future decisions and increases the company’s performance. With the right planning tool, this can be achieved in the long term within a business intelligence solution.

Planung Zukunft

The planning tool as an indispensable instrument

Increasing digitalisation presents a great challenge to companies, both today and tomorrow. However, it is not just the variety of data sources and formats, the data volume or the high speed of data creation. Only someone who understands how to analyse all types of company data properly can gain groundbreaking insights. Even if companies use data collection and analysis consistently, the information cannot be used optimally in perspective if there is a lack of planning tools. This can limit the ability to act in certain areas:

  • Positioning relative to the competition cannot be optimised.

  • Budgeting cannot be substantiated and planned in a targeted manner.

  • Opportunities and risks may be overlooked for lack of forecasts.

  • The chance to correct possible predictions is lacking.

  • Processes cannot be planned and controlled in the long term.

A planning tool bridges this gap in business intelligence (BI). Because analysis and planning are the mainstays of an effective BI solution.


  • Planung mit Jedox

See into the future, thanks to a planning tool

The objective of safe and reliable corporate management can only be reached with a planning tool. This forms an intelligent combination of past and future. Jedox is the leading global specialist in integrated planning tools within modern business intelligence solutions.

By integrating such planning tools, planning processes become more effective, safer, simpler and faster.

Your benefits

  • Plan all cost and revenue areas within a company.

  • Operate planning functions easily and use then individually.

  • Find all planning and evaluation functions in one place.

  • Ad hoc, permanently or temporarily change plan data by user.

  • No more switching between two applications.

  • Exchange data between systems (e.g. ERP, Fibu, CRM, DWH).

  • Adapt planning tool to challenges, as required.

With these possibilities in the planning function, the overview for forward-looking business decisions is clear and focused. In addition, the worldwide proven planning tool, Jedox, increases the efficiency of the entire organisation.

Secure corporate management with planning tools

Success in the use of planning tools depends on three advantageous basic requirements. Requirements that the planning functionality of Jedox more than meet:

  • Flexibility

    Different business models are covered as a matter of course.


    Individual planning content and specific planning logistics are possible.


    Requested adjustments to the business model are feasible. (Planning forms, reports, database structures and the granularity of the data input or the planning horizon)

  • Integration

    The integration of the planning tools in the system is guaranteed.


    Added value is created by combining actual and plan, budget or forecast data.


    Redundancies are avoided and a consistent aggregated overall view gained.

  • Simplicity

    Understandable functions and meaningful relief are provided for users.


    Technically effortless implementation and adjustment of the planning tool by the departments is ensured.


    Support for rapid changes by IT departments is necessary only in special cases.

When is a planning tool useful?

  • When there is constant data analysis, but there is no planning tool for carrying it out.

  • When existing target figures are to be used effectively.

  • When business intelligence is to be optimised.

  • When scenarios and forecasts are supposed to support decisions.

  • When particularly SMEs want to benefit from sound planning.

  • When existing Excel plannings have reached their limits.