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Companies face ever-growing data flows and must deal with increasing data volumes. Often relevant business data comes from heterogeneous sources and has various structures. Here a central application is necessary that extracts the relevant data on the whole enterprise from various sources, combines and processes it and makes it available for evaluation. SAP BI (SAP Business Intelligence) is the data warehouse solution from SAP, which exactly fulfils these core functions. Relevant data is extracted from existing data sources, uniformly transformed and then merged on a target server. The processed and consolidated data can also be exported and made available for external applications or tools and for authorities, according to requirements. SAP business intelligence thus offers a reliable basic structure for request-specific processes for each company in terms of data consistency and analysis. Thus accurate information for secure enterprise decision is always available.

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If relevant information is missing: SAP BI

Companies operating with data bases often have a huge amount of data, although this cannot be used effectively.  A variety of servers, mobile devices, back office, sales force, decentralised inputs - from this variety of data sources the right information must be considered for management decision making. The data is often not consistent, sometimes cannot be found or is not accessible. For relevant management decisions, however, reliable information and analysis are essential. If an attempt is made with own solutions to ensure data collection and analysis, this is complicated by the heterogeneity and lack of data consistency already described. The ineffective use of existing data may lead to serious deficits for a company on the market:

  • No optimisation of the competitive position

  • A lack of sound and targeted budget planning

  • No secure vision for opportunities and risks

  • No correction options for possible forecasts


  • No reliable planning and control of processes

To counteract such a scenario, SAP BI is a proven and sustainable use solution. The data made available forms the basis for sound management decisions and the optimal control of processes.

Our BI technologies for SAP

Our solutions are based on established Business Intelligence technologies such as Qlik and Jedox. These technologies offer connectors and templates for analysis, reporting and planning in the SAP environment.

  • Qlik
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Jedox


Real Time Analytics of SAP data

Sound decisions thanks to SAP Business Intelligence

Through SAP BI solution that is embedded in the corporate structure, safe and reliable corporate management is made possible at all times.Because with SAP BI, the data in the enterprise becomes valuable information.

The various applications of the SAP BI add up to a total manifold advantage.


  • Relevant data from across the enterprise is unified from different sources and provided centrally.

  • Problem analyses can be implemented on the basis of the consistent data.

  • Reporting and monitoring are possible at any time and on demand.

  • The graphical presentation of data to illustrate is integrated.


  • Data access can be set up specifically for the different divisions.

Valorec Services AG: Greater transparency for SAP - Data with QlikView

  • "With QlikView, we have been able to significantly increase the transparency of our activities towards clients and thus our service quality and the corresponding data quality. At the same time, we have benefitted from optimised business processes and improved interaction between IT and specialist departments." – John Martinussen, Chief Information Officer, Valorec Services AG

    Valorec Success Story

  • John Martinussen

Effectively use relevant data, with SAP BI

As a data warehouse solution SAP BI ensures, among other things, that all  the relevant business information extracted from various sources is merged, edited and made available.From the reporting viewpoint, SAP BI thereby assumes the role of the “single point of truth" as the application- and system-wide evaluation component of the company.

An SAP business intelligence solution consists of several integrated components:

  • Tools for optimal data management

  • ETL Processor for extraction, transformation and loading of data

  • OLAP (online analytic processing) for hypothesis-based analyses

  • Data mining environment for further analysis options


  • Frontend tools for graphical representation of data - from simple to highly complex

There are also other tools and BI components, which can be integrated into a SAP BI solution. Depending on the task, the complexity can be expanded at any time, thus demonstrating the sustainability of such a solution.



When does the use of SAP BI make sense?

  • If there is a lack of structured data warehousing in the company.

  • If consistent, reporting-relevant data need to be retrieved at any time.

  • If meaningful analysis capabilities are required.

  • If information security is desirable for decision making.

  • If particularly SMEs wish to optimise their processes.

Our offer

We support discerning SME clients, using innovative business intelligence solutions, to find sound answers to business-related issues and so make the right decisions for safe and reliable company management.