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The term HANA stands for high performance analytics appliance. SAP HANA has been developed specifically for analytical applications can be implemented at high speed. The initial database which still accounts for the core of SAP HANA has now become a data platform. It allows huge amounts of data to become quickly available and be used in real time. The characteristic feature of SAP HANA is the in-memory data platform. In this type of database management system, unlike other databases disks are not used, but the computer memories.

The advantage: The data is more readily available and can be used in real time. This a particular advantage for real-time analysis that can thus also be created with absolutely current data and continually updated. Or even in applications that require fast data access for optimal interaction. Together with SAP, HANA can also optimise the performance of SAP BI solutions such as SAP BW.


If higher performance is required: SAP HANA

At times of big data, not only proper structuring and the general availability of enterprise data is vital. From these, increasingly more information must be obtained to answer increasingly complex questions. In addition, the increasing time pressure in processes also requires a faster access to the data they need. Other database management systems have their advantages, either in data transactions or analysis processes, but often not in both. This can lead to delays in data access and applications for certain actions.The possible consequences:

  • slowed processes

  • increased time investment

  • restricted workflow

  • lack of data currency

  • delayed analyses

A database management system (DBMS) such as SAP HANA combines a hybrid solution from both DBMS worlds and thus offers users incredible speed for an impressive performance.

Our BI Technologies for SAP

Our solutions are based on established Business Intelligence technologies such as Qlik and Jedox. These technologies offer connectors and templates for analysis, reporting and planning in the SAP environment.

  • Technologien - Qlik
  • Technologien Jedox


High-speed results: SAP HANA

Due to incredible amounts of data, all data-based operating companies are forced to generate the right information from their enterprise data in order to answer complex questions- huge quantities of data of different types, from different sources. There is also increasing demand for shortened access times to the data and working in real time. SAP HANA is well-equipped for this. Through its in-memory technology not only huge amounts of data can be obtained directly here from a single data source, but also accessed at high speed and used with optimal performance in applications - anytime, in real time. SAP HANA thus provides the best conditions for almost any type of analysis and applications that can be realised quickly and rely on the most current data.

Application fields

  • Operational reporting

    Recent data from sales, the financial sector or customers can be retrieved in real time and analysed.

  • Data warehousing

    If the SAP BW (SAP business information warehouse) is used on the SAP HANA platform, its performance is improved. Data queries can be implemented up to one hundred times faster and downloads up to ten times faster than conventional databases.

  • Prognosen und Big Data-Analysen

    Beispielsweise zur Vorhersage von Marktentwicklung oder Kundenverhalten oder zur Auswertung von Kundendaten in Echtzeit.

  • Forecasts and big data analyses

    For example, to predict market trends or customer behaviour or to evaluate customer data in real time.

The benefits of SAP HANA in real time

SAP HANA simply has faster access times compared with other database management systems, thanks to its in-memory technology. And thus it is usable in a more complex manner, because data is available in real time, thus offering applications better performance. This improved performance is then transferred to the processes within the company and thus to business success.

  • With SAP HANA, even huge amounts of data are made quickly and consistently available.

  • SAP HANA offers through its in-memory technology faster access and application times than other databases..

  • Analyses and applications can be implemented at high speed, in real time.

  • The fast data available data and update on SAP HANA means that current data is always available.

  • Performance and data quality in the enterprise can be improved.

  • Operational business decisions can be optimised.

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When does SAP BW make sense?

  • If better performance is required for data warehousing.

  • If reporting and analyses are to be faster and more up to date.

  • If the workflow is to be improved in the company.

  • When real-time data for management decisions is required.

  • If particularly SMEs wish to optimise their overall performance.