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Informatec now provides an exclusive solution for tidy and professional version management and deployment, with the WIP for Qlik. It enables optimal control of the administration and distribution of Qlik versions within a business intelligence (BI). Developers and system administrators thus obtain a secure tool for effective management of development and deployment in QlikView or Qlik Sense via one or more environments within the enterprise. This minimizes the risks potentially created by various versions being used in parallel, or incorrect user definitions. The Version Manager for Qlik (VM4Q) represents an efficient and effective tool within the BI, in times of increasing demands on compliance and auditing.


Features & Benefits of WIP (Version Manager for Qlik)

  • Fully automated version control and check-out / check-in functions


  • Source control with compare function between applications

  • Highly flexible security design with definition of groups, users and roles

  • Display of the deployment process over multiple environments (test, staging, production)

  • Parameterization with variables for each desired environment


  • Clear definition of the deployment content via release packaging

  • Applications and related file structures can be planned per batch

  • Version management for the entire life cycle of the application and items including project and development documentation

  • Audit function for complete amendment historization of the application and the source code

  • Central repository for amendment storage in a database (MSSQL and Oracle)

  • Qlik Sense API integration for direct use on Qlik Sense server and data streams

  • Support of QlikView version 10.0 and Qlik Sense from version 2.0 on

  • Version Manager for Qlik possible as cloud solution (Swiss BI Cloud)

Version Control & Deployment


Secure management for QlikView and Qlik Sense

The use of QlikView and Qlik Sense applications in companies is often confusing. Different versions are in circulation or individual software adaptations have not been adopted across the board. The QlikView and Qlik Sense applications can also be used via different drives and not via a central server. For effective and safe use of QlikView and Qlik Sense, the best and safest option is to have uniform distribution of the software, deployment to the users and centralized management from a single control point. The Version Manager supplies this for Qlik. Thus multilevel authorizations, user security and clear rights management can be achieved and potential risks minimized.

Easy administration with WIP (Version Manager for Qlik)

In large companies and sophisticated SMEs, the organizational effort of using Qlik applications is increasing. In BI solutions that tend to use QlikView or Qlik Sense intensively, challenges and problems arise daily:

  • Several Qlik developers are working on parallel on applications
  • Code consistency must be checked constantly
  • The tidy logic of the program code starts to unravel
  • The applications will not run via a server

Administrators now have a powerful tool in the Version Manager for Qlik, allowing them structured and secure distribution and management of the Qlik application deployed and providing the greatest possible transparency. The Version Manager for Qlik works as an administrative tool for QlikView Version 10 and Qlik Sense version 2.0.


  • Kanban
  • Issue Details
  • Server
  • Files
  • Checkout
  • Checkin
  • Compare
  • Publish

Benefit with WIP (formerly Version Manager for Qlik - VM4Q)

By managing Qlik based applications through WIP, not only administrators benefit for the distribution and management of applications in the enterprise. Due to the security design, the safety and transparency of code management and the central repository are safeguarded for the relevant enterprise data when working with Qlik applications. Data can also be mapped quickly and transparently for audits. Thus WIP, as well as providing higher security, boosts enterprise efficiency within a business intelligence solution.

Benefits of WIP

  • Eliminates the need to manually copy Qlik objects between environments (e.g. for testing, staging or production)

  • Automatically creates versions with unique naming conventions

  • Meets the requirements of compliance bodies due to its transparency

  • Reduces the administrative burden of Qlik applications to a minimum

WIP Overview

When does the use of WIP make business sense?

  • If uniform distribution and management are required for Qlik applications.

  • If a significant reduction in the workload of administrators is desired.

  • If there is a lack of transparency in the use of different Qlik application versions.

  • If Qlik files need to be readily available for documentation during audits.

  • If there are security issues when working with Qlik applications.

Benefits WIP (formerly Version Manager for Qlik)


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