The business intelligence suite QlikView is the perfect solution for companies seeking easy-to-use, departmental or enterprise-wide dashboards and ad hoc BI analytical capabilities with this revolutionary business discovery approach. No more waiting for outdated reports, no more guesswork. Instead, quick answers to the most important questions.



Benefits - a selection

  • Data from different sources are combined in one application

  • Processing aggregated data via dashboards, reports and specially created programs

  • Joint decision-making, thanks to consistent data for collaboration

  • Data access independent of location- even on the move

  • Ease of use and modern visual representation

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QlikView & Qlik Sense

Kundenerfahrungen mit QlikView

Sehen Sie in den folgenden Kunden-Success Stories wie mit Hilfe von QlikView und Informatec aus Daten nutzenbringende Informationen generiert und visualisiert wurden. Neue Erkenntnisse und mehr Transparenz wurden dabei gewonnen.

Our Offer

We support discerning SME clients, using innovative business intelligence solutions, to find sound answers to business-related issues and so make the right decisions for safe and reliable company management.



Technologien - DataRobot

Automated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with DataRobot

With DataRobot, you can speed up your AI success today with innovative machine learning and the team you've built. Combining the knowledge, experience and best practices of the world's leading data scientists, the platform offers unmatched levels of automation, accuracy, visibility and collaboration to help you build an AI-driven enterprise.


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