IBCS® - International Business Communication Standards

The International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) are practical rules for designing comprehensible reports and presentations regarding their content conception, visual perception and semantic unification. The standards of the visual language of the IBCS Association have been developed on the basis of the semantic notation of Dr. Rolf Hichert, quondam university professor. Thus the importance of the information to be conveyed is always in the foreground. An ideal information design is judged on whether the message to be conveyed is actually conveyed to the recipient as well as possible. Visualisation according to IBCS® standards ensures that statements are captured quickly and grasped sustainably.


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SUCCESS rules of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS)

The International Business Communication standards are composed of seven control areas, the initials of which coin the acronym SUCCESS. Sticking to to the International Business Communication standards is a guarantee for effective business communication:

  • Say – Transmit a message:

    Do you have something to say? Reports are often just collections of data without a recognisable message for the recipient. This also applies to most presentations.

  • Unify – Use semantic notation:

    The same is displayed in the same way and different content should not be displayed in the same way. Unique design rules facilitate creation and comprehension.

  • Condense - increase information density

    High information density allows complex issues to be represented. Only an overview of the whole picture allows the correct evaluation of detailed information.

  • Check - ensure visual integrity

    Report recipients expect data with content that is correct. But are the correct data properly represented? Manipulated diagrams are the order of the day in business communications.

  • Express - select appropriate visualisation

    Good visualisation begins with selecting the chart and table type to convey the desired message together with the underlying facts as quickly as possible.

  • Simplify - avoid everything unnecessary

    SIMPLIFY facilitates the readability of graphs and tables. By removing 'noise' and 'redundancy', the subjects of a report are freed from avoidable interference.

  • Structure - integrate content

    Reports and presentations often have no structural logic. Overlap and incompleteness impede comprehension in business communications.

Software solutions for business communication according to the IBCS

To implement optimal and effective business communication according to the standards of the IBCS, the right software tools are required: Tools that correspond to IBCS standards and optimally visualise obtained data with BI tools. Especially proven software solutions within a business intelligence such as Qlik Sense, QlikView and Jedox are effective applications for generating corporate data. 

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  • Technologien Jedox

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Meaningful dashboards in alignment with the standards of the IBCS

Input capable tables selection fields, comments function, and check boxes

  • Input log, provision of sharing features and defining the number of key columns (multilingualism) in one.

  • Transfer of inputs into a target system of your choice or direct loading into QlikView.

  • Selection of comments according to different variables such as customers, products or countries.

Dynamic comments: quick and targeted information transfer

  • Direct link to a chart or a value.

  • Maintenance of dynamic linking even if selection is changed.

  • Flexible dependency, for example of the time period.

Interface optimisation: simplified representation of highly complex multiples

  • Extensive data density.

  • Fast interpretability through clear presentation with correct scaling.

  • Interface optimised representation for any arbitrary selection.

  • Unlimited dimensions.

  • Dynamic navigation.

  • The SUCCESS formula of the IBCS Association provides a clear focus for business data communication.

  • The information obtained within an effective business intelligence is meaningfully represented with the right software tools according to the IBCS.

  • By focusing on a message and an audience, the definition of meaningful design and versatile visualisation aids, unified business communication can be developed in alignment with the company's philosophy.

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