Power BI Pro Power BI Pro is the full version of Power BI delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) via the Cloud. It enables both reports and dashboards to be crated on the basis of data from multiple sources and unlimited viewing, sharing and use of the reports and dashboards created.

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Power BI Pro is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that

  • already use a Microsoft environment
  • want to work together in teams in a data-driven way
  • also need access to key figures dashboards and reports on the go via tablet or smartphone
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Your advantages with Power BI Pro


    With Power BI Pro mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows, dashboards and reports can be accessed remotely via a tablet or smartphone.


    With Power BI Pro, workspaces can be created in which colleagues can work together on reports and dashboards.


    Power BI Pro offers the option of sharing data, reports and dashboards with a large number of other users who also have a Power BI Pro licence.

Technical features


    Power BI Pro integrates seamlessly into an existing Office 365 environment, but can also be used without Office 365.


    In Power BI Pro, data from evaluations can be updated automatically up to eight times a day.


    In Power BI Pro, user roles can be defined to control insights into data down to individual rows, and approvals can be given to users or groups of users.

Licence information

Power BI Pro is licensed by the number of users per month.

User licences can be purchased in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre. Power BI Pro is already included in the scope of delivery of the E5 Edition of Microsoft 365.

Our tip: Companies interested in Power BI Pro should bear in mind that the cost efficiency of Power BI Pro is inversely proportional to the number of users. We will gladly advise you on choosing the right licence model for your requirements.

IMPORTANT: Any user wanting to publish and use content in app workspaces, share dashboards and subscribe to dashboards and reports needs a Power BI Pro licence.

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