The Client

Based in Härkingen (Switzerland), the RONAL GROUP is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lightweight metal wheels for automobiles and commercial vehicles. The company produces and sells its products on the original equipment and accessories markets. Each year, the RONAL GROUP manufactures over 21 million wheels in 13 factories across three continents. The company also sells a comprehensive range of aluminium wheels for the aftermarket under its own brand names. The RONAL GROUP now employs more than 8,000 members of staff worldwide. Find out more at:

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Solution overview

  • Industry: Automotive (automobile supplier)

  • Departments: Finance, controlling, production, purchasing, executive management

  • Region: Härkingen, Switzerland (headquarters), 13 factories across three continents

  • Used technologies: Jedox & Qlik Sense

  • ROI & time to value: Standardised processes as well as significantly faster process handling. Two months to delivery of the first application

Starting situation

Island solutions instead of standards

As part of its comprehensive strategic programme ‘Fit for Digital’, the RONAL Group is striving towards being able to make more data-driven critical company decisions. 

‘Organisation within the RONAL Group has been decentralised in the past. Island solutions were used in our 13 factories, with no unified processes up to this point,’ explains Henrik Lies, the man responsible for the digitisation offensive in RONAL AG’s finance and controlling department. 

Henrik Lies uses production controlling and investment planning as an example: requests for the provision of required data were previously made via email and Excel, consolidation and evaluation taking place at the headquarters in Switzerland. Various business intelligence solutions were employed for analysis and visualisation, but the possibilities were limited. 

‘Our aim was to standardise data collection as well as data analysis and visualisation throughout the group, making things more efficient and transparent,’ continues Henrik Lies.

Alfa Romeo
VW Golf


Data collection via Jedox

To find the right IT solution, a classic software selection process took place, involving multiple steps. The decision was made in favour of enterprise performance management (EPM) software Jedox for planning, analysis, reporting and the optimisation of value creation processes within the company. 
As it allows the RONAL GROUP to continue development without external support, user-friendliness impressed in particular alongside a high level of scalability and attractive value for money. 

Analytics with Qlik

Seamless integration into data analytics solution Qlik was also key to the decision: ‘it was very important to us not just to be able to collect data, but visualise it too. This was guaranteed by the tried-and-tested combination of Jedox and Qlik.’
The RONAL GROUP uses a staging area based on MS SQL servers with interfaces to Qlik, SAP and further ERP systems to store and provide data.

Informatec impresses with expert knowledge and project understanding

The lightweight metal wheel manufacturer sought support for Jedox implementation and application development: based on a recommendation, RONAL turned to IT service provider Informatec, specialising in data intelligence based on Jedox and Qlik technology – ‘Informatec was by our side from day one of the project. We are very satisfied with this collaboration, in terms of the know-how as well as the human side of things,’ confirms Henrik Lies. 

The Jedox solution enables E2E digitization & standardization of the investment process - from investment request to review and approval

E2E Digitalisierung


Application areas and usage

Workflow-supported standard processes 

Within two months, an initial prototype for an investment application for the evaluation of investment projects was available for further professionalisation, particularly regarding workflow management from data collection to approval.
Users process and/or collect process-relevant data in Jedox depending on their defined roles. Standardised input interfaces are provided to this end. 

For example, investment projects are displayed: the relevant project manager first collects descriptive information and figures on the purpose and goal of an investment, the investment type, impact (e.g. on human resources), type of machine and costs, savings etc. Then, a local controller makes additions and validates the data. At the end of the approval workflow, there is a profitability calculation for controlling as well as local and central management, which then serves as the foundation for the evaluation of the investment project. Management can comment on requests and rewind within the workflow if information is missing or unclear, or submit their approval. The relevant request’s status can be tracked at any time. In future, the values will be automatically loaded in Qlik after approval, and visualised for management reporting. Around 100 users currently use the application.

What’s more, a workflow-supported application for production reporting has been developed: production KPIs for each individual site are collected in Jedox. This includes standard KPIs as well as site-specific figures. A site-managed correction concept, based on an active directory and single sign-on, ensures access to information in compliance with individual user rights. The data is automatically transferred to Qlik, where it is visualised in the form of a monthly production report. The application is used by 25 members of staff.

Building internal know-how on the fly

The RONAL GROUP’s aim was also to develop applications without external support. ‘Informatec constantly imparted knowledge throughout the project so that we were able to develop an application for aluminium demand tracking independently,’ highlights Henrik Lies.

Group-focused, data-driven decisions

Instead of a multitude of documents stored on a drive and partially archived as paper copies, all information is centrally available on a database. ‘Thanks to a consistent definition as to how information is collected and provided, we now have much better comparability within the group. Investment projects can now be prioritised and we can ensure that we are efficiently using our investment budget in the group’s interest,’ continues Henrik Lies.
The RONAL GROUP is also benefitting from the solution’s high level of scalability: as needed, the applications can be provided even to large groups of users quickly and to a high degree of performance across the company – an important aspect in terms of future-proofing and investment security.

Qlik Sense  Jedox


Expansion of the application landscape

Currently, RONAL is developing an application to plan the procurement of raw materials that will be used by the purchasing department.

Furthermore, information on customer needs should be displayed for the treasury department.

In the next step of the project, the RONAL Group wants to take advantage of Jedox and Qlik’s connectivity to compare and visualise target and current data. ‘Forecasting is also a major focal point for sales, production and HR in this context,’ adds Henrik Lies.


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  • Challenges

    Harmonising and standardising business processes at 13 sites across three continents. Workflow-supported process digitisation and automation. 

  • Solution

    Workflow-supported data collection in Jedox and data analysis in Qlik

  • Advantages 

    • Web-based solution
    • Highly scalable
    • Digital workflows
    • Increased level of standardisation within company group
    • Faster process development
    • Optimised data visualisation
    • Data-driven business decisions