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Lamprecht Transport AG is an owner-managed medium-sized Swiss company with about 70 years’ expertise in international the freight forwarding market. Core competencies include road transport, sea and air freight, combined transport as well as project, special and hazardous goods transport. Along with seven branches in Switzerland, the Lamprecht group has subsidiaries in Germany and the USA.

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Solution overview

  • Industry: Forwarding and Logistics

  • Departments: Finance, controlling, management

  • Region: Basel, Switzerland

  • Data Sources: Excel, trans|it (freight forwarding solution), Xpert.Finance (Financial Solution)

  • Implemented technology: QlikView

  • Project duration: 8 weeks (from project start to production rollout of the first application)

Initial situation

To live up to the increased need for information requirements within the corporate group and at the same to make data analyses more cost-effective, Lamprecht Transport AG decided to implement a business intelligence solution. Previously, analyses were made using Excel. "We had a number of reasons for replacing  this procedure, "explains Patrick Gruenig, Head of Finance & Controlling, Lamprecht Transport AG. "For one thing, the manual effort was too high. For a week each month I was busy just processing data. Also, this approach is very prone to error. In addition, besides standard model ratings we also wanted to reflect more complex analyses, such as a monthly income extract at a profit centre level. Another concern was to enable employees to work with it independently. Previously, this was impossible due to the complexity of the evaluations. Figures were only available if I provided them myself."


The main requirements for the new solution were automated data generation, quick and easy deployment, simple adaptability to individual information needs and opportunities for the graphic representation of the query results.

The data-discovery platform QlikView was very persuasive. The decisive factor was the storage-based technology of the BI solution. The entire data volume can be analysed down to transaction level without prior aggregation of the data, irrespective of the nature of the IT system. The building up of cubes, models or queries is not necessary. If any information is missing, it can be introduced with a mouse click. The solution also scored highly on ease of use: the colour-coded user interface and mouse click control makes learning to use QlikView intuitive and easy for all users. Special expertise or elaborate supports are not required. The data viewing options were also very impressive.

Lamprecht also emphasised the importance of having a strong partner. "We opted for Informatec because they have the right expertise and also the proximity of the partner was very important for us," said Gruenig. "During the project, this proved to be an excellent decision. Informatec got to grips with the specific business logic of transportation remarkably quickly. Their way of working was also always very solution-oriented. We felt well taken care of. "

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The application

  • Lamprecht BI Lösung 1
  • Lamprecht BI Lösung 2
  • Lamprecht BI Lösung 3
  • Lamprecht BI Lösung 4
  • Lamprecht BI Lösung 5

Application areas and uses

30 employees from the areas of finance and controlling as well as the head of the profit centre and top  management currently use QlikView according to individual authorisations. Typical applications include sales, costs and client analyses, target/actual comparisons, as well as the monthly income extract at a profit centre level. Dashboards for graphical processing of client- and cost analyses are used to identify trends very quickly - for example, for client base analysis according to criteria such as revenue, industry, number of shipments, etc.

Several million records are evaluated from the trans|IT shipping system and the Xpert Finance financial solution. By linking mapping data from Excel, data can be arranged according to cost types, groups and sales areas. Staff at remote sites access QlikView via Citrix.

"I’m delighted with QlikView," says Patrick Gruenig. "It was our goal to make data analyses more economical, more reliable and more freely available. We have definitely achieved this with QlikView. When preparing data, I just have to take care of the monthly accrual: all other data are supplied automatically. I save up to 70 percent of my workload each month. And employees can simply create their entirely individual analyses at the touch of a button. This straightforward application allows us to operate the system with virtually no external support."


In a further stage of the project, the preparation of ever-increasing data sets will be optimised in conjunction with Informatec.


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  • "By using QlikView, we have genuine access to our data, for the first time. Information is made available much faster, more easily and in more detail. Better-informed decisions are made, because we have access to an up-to-date, valid data base." - Patrick Gruenig,  Head of Finance & Controlling, Lamprecht Transport AG

  • Patrick Gruenig, Lamprecht Transport AG

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