Titlis Engelberg

The customer

Engelberg-Titlis is the largest and highest-altitude summer and winter excursion destination in Central Switzerland. Bergbahnen Engelberg-Trübsee-Titlis AG has 420 employees and operates several restaurants, the Berghotel Trübsee, the Hotel Terrace and the Titlis Resort holiday village. In-house event specialists organise events from a single source. The trains operate all year round and transport over a million guests annually. Highlights of a Titlis trip are the Titlis Rotair revolving cable car, the tour of the Glacier Cave, the Ice Flyer chair lift, the glacier park and Europe’s highest-altitude suspension bridge, the Titlis cliff walk.

Titlis Engelberg
Titlis Engelberg

Solution overview

  • Sector: Tourism

  • Departsments: Financial accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll accounting, CRM, order processing, asset accounting, electronic banking

  • Region: Titlis, Switzerland

  • Data sources: ABACUS

  • Technologies used: QlikView / iVIEW for ABACUS (AXview)


Diversity hinders uniform evaluations

When gazing on lush, verdant mountain pastures and snowy ski slopes, who thinks of such a dry topic as figures and evaluations? But these are fundamental for creating the best possible offer for holidaymakers during their holiday. The TITLIS mountain railways consist not only of several transport systems, but also of numerous restaurants and hotels. Although these areas together form a unified whole, the company models behind them are completely different. It is not easy to have access to an overall picture of the economy at all times, as Financial chief Esther Schneider knows: «A cable car not only has different cost structures than a hotel or a self-service restaurant, but also requires different KPIs.»

«We had clear ideas about the required KPIs and were able to implement them with the AXview Connector.»

As a consequence, each area carried out its own evaluations, such as cash turnover in the catering sector, ski day tickets at the railways or room occupancy in the hotel industry. A further complication was that the individual branches of activity, such as the restaurants, sometimes also lacked a common data base among themselves. As a result, many analyses had to be carried out manually and consolidated.

Individual solution sought - and found

In connection with organisational changes, the need grew to provide transparent and up-to-date decision-making and management tools for the individual branches of activity. It was perfectly clear that a company the size of the TITLIS Bergbahnen could neither afford the expense of maintaining different system interfaces nor manual data preparation. The introduction of a management information system had thus been an issue for Esther Schneider for some time. With the aim of unifying and consolidating the evaluations, she attended a workshop on AXview at Axept. Although she recognised the potential of the application for her company, the standard solution demonstrated was not entirely apt for the individual needs of the TITLIS mountain railways: «The requirements in tourism are different from those in trade or industry. We also employ a lot of seasonal workers and hourly-rate employees, and use other applications as well as ABACUS.»


The solution to enable uniform evaluations to be made in future was found in the form of the AXview Connector, which was developed by Axept and Informatec and can be connected to ABACUS and other systems. This ensures that the link functions smoothly even after any ABACUS updates. In this way, the TITLIS Bergbahnen have been able to connect their existing ABACUS system to the BI solution QlikView. Esther Schneider was clear about which management KPIs had to be thereby taken into account: "We defined the contents together with the respective area managers and took the various views into account." In the summer of 2016, Informatc specialists in collaboration with Axept successfully implemented the AXview Connector and the BI solution QlikView with individual evaluations, implementing them directly in the productive system. Short communication channels and a high level of competence were decisive factors for rapid implementation.

«A heterogeneous IT landscape and a complex corporate structure place extremely high demands on the implementation of a uniform analysis tool.»


Our solution iVIEW for ABACUS

  • iVIEW for ABACUS
  • iVIEW for ABACUS
  • iVIEW for ABACUS
  • iVIEW for ABACUS
  • iVIEW for ABACUS

iVIEWfor ABACUS is the top, most comprehensive and sophisticated business intelligence platform in the ABACUS environment. It enables the preparation of information from all major ABACUS modules and from additional data sources and applications, makes quick and flexible evaluations over supplied templates or displays them on personalised indicators and dashboards.



An end to gut decisions

Shortly after its initial introductory phase, TITLIS Bergbahnen were delighted with the increased efficiency in data preparation for evaluations. Another advantage is that all stakeholders are now on the same basis, which makes decision making far easier. However, introducing the analytic tool is not just about figures, explains Esther Schneider: "The transparency of the facts can also be unsettling for users at first. On the one hand, you have a reliable information base, on the other hand you also become measurable and comparable. "For these reasons, implementation was consciously progressive; the other IT applications are also successively being linked with QlikView. The goal is to provide users with self-service evaluations in the future. According to Esther Schneider, this requires not only the plausibility of all the figures, but also a rethink on the part of users when handling such a solution. At present, the company is continuing to work on the quality of the data and on optimising the evaluation possibilities together.