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The client

In its more than 130-year history, the Vorwerk & Co. Group has developed from a carpet factory to a diverse group of international companies. The product and service portfolio includes high-quality home appliances, carpets, cosmetics and services in the fields of leasing and financing. The Group operates in over 70 countries and employs more than 645,000 people worldwide, including more than 633,000 self-employed consultants.

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Solution overview

  • Industry:  Consumer goods industry, electrical goods

  • Departments: Business management, quality management, research and development, sales, marketing, internal accounting, operations and maintenance

  • Region:

    Wuppertal, Germany (Vorwerk Group)

    Freienbach, Switzerland (Vorwerk International)

  • Source systems: MS Excel, SQL-Server

  • Implemented technology: Qlik Sense

  • Time to Value: A few weeks to implementation and deployment of the first dashboards

Starting situation

Vorwerk is held to be a digitalisation and innovation pioneer in a variety of product fields. One example is the digital recipe ecosystem Cookidoo®, which consists of an IoT environment with multi-cloud support integrating more than 2.3 million IoT devices. By accessing the online database Cookidoo.de via the Internet, customers can compile their personal favourites out of around 52,000 recipes. The cooking instructions can then be transferred via an IoT device, the so-called Cook-Key®, directly to the Thermomix® food processor. Recipes can be acquired by subscription and also as collections on the platform.

The digital platform Cookidoo® plays a central role in Vorwerk’s digitalisation strategy. In order to analyse their performance on a data-driven basis and gain insights for business and innovation strategies, Vorwerk sought a business intelligence solution. “In the past, we only had rigid reports with aggregated figures: there was a lack of connection with unique user data. A holistic customer journey analysis was not possible. Furthermore, analyses were carried out manually and were thus very time-consuming”, explains Aneliya Filatova, Research and Insights Manager at the group subsidiary Vorwerk International & Co. KmG, which is driving Vorwerk's digital business forward.

Core requirements were the option to collate data from different source systems and to evaluate them flexibly. Another of Vorwerk’s expectations was that it should have an uncomplicated, convenient user interface.

The added value of Qlik Sense for Vorwerk


Vorwerk opted for the Qlik data analytics platform. The decisive factor was its in-memory-based architecture: Data from any source can be loaded directly into Qlik Sense – i.e. without any feeder systems or middleware – analysed quickly and displayed clearly. Even large, complex data masses can be used without compromising performance. A further decisive factor was the intuitive and easy-to-use user interface on the self-service BI platform, which enables direct use of the software in the specialist departments – even without any IT expertise.

Vorwerk was supported in this endeavour by IT partner Informatec, a certified Qlik Elite Solution Provider. Qlik has also approved Informatec as a Specialised Partner for Consumer Products and High Tech, owing to the industry expertise the firm has demonstrated during various projects. A decisive factor besides Informatecs excellent Qlik Sense reputation was the regional proximity to Vorwerk International in Freienbach (Switzerland).

Informatec has brought creative ideas on the dashboard design that helped to bring out valuable and unexpected insight from the data”, notes Aneliya Filatova.

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Application areas and uses

Qlik Sense streams two Cookidoo® analysis applications, with 15 dashboards each, which contain around 40 of the main KPIs. The stream is shared with 150 employees in Vorwerk headquarter and 15 affiliate market companies.

Data from the platform and the hardware used by the customers (Thermomix ®) were evaluated. The source systems are MapR Big Data system and SQL Server.

Analyses are available for the customer's use of hardware such as the Thermomix® and the popularity of Cookidoo®. In addition, Vorwerk ascertains online and offline trends of customer usage processes to drive digital ecosystem and hardware development. Furthermore, the business performance and effectiveness of the marketing campaigns are analysed.

For example, available metrics include the number of Thermomix® customers who have registered on Cookidoo.com, the number of Cook-Keys activated and the number of customers acquired in different markets. Other examples include the number of trial subscriptions and actual subscriptions, as well as the corresponding conversion rate and the number of favourite recipes per user.

For example, we've found that customers come back to the platform months after the original subscription expires and re-subscribe to use it. This knowledge enables us to plan precise marketing activities to win back customers”, says Aneliya Filatova.

Qlik Sense brings Vorwerk a number of advantages: It can be used to process large volumes of data from heterogeneous sources using data science approaches. This allows the Thermomix® customer experience to be continually optimized with Digital Services. In doing so, homogenous data structures can be established within the organization. In addition, Qlik offers the opportunity to democratize data and analytics: they that are available ad hoc to all employees. In addition, the time required for analysis is reduced. Users who use Qlik Sense intensively save up to two hours per week.

The future

The use of Qlik Sense will be extended in the future. For example, analyses on customer satisfaction and Vorwerk representatives will be implemented.

  • Qlik Sense helps us to better understand the customer journey. We can analyse customer behaviour and customer expectations faster and in more detail than before. This insight is used in driving business decisions and marketing activities.“

    Aneliya Filatova, Manager Research and Insights, Vorwerk International & Co. KmG

  • Aneliya Filatova