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Published on 22.09.2016
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Individual standard BI as a solution for internationally active and competition-plagued SMEs

Informatec takes on the specific BI needs of discerning SMEs. While many BI vendors reinvent the wheel time and again for their projects, BI specialists at Informatec go a significant step further. Their projects are based on the in-house designed «BI-shell product» iVIEW, which enables both technically and methodically well-founded BI solutions, also for SMEs with lower capital expenditure.



««From many discussions with customers and BI projects over the past few years, we have come to realise that particularly internationally operating SMEs who are under high competitive pressure have a vital need for reliable data and information. The classic project-BI still prevalent today is usually too complicated for these companies, takes too long and is far too expensive. iVIEW arose from this perspective. The standard and customised solution makes the best of both worlds, combining them to form a perfectly matching overall solution,» explains Rino Mentil, owner and spiritual father of iVIEW. «Our customers receive a customised BI solution in record time and at a fraction of the usual cost.»

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High client value for SMEs

Best practice solutions from around 40 iVIEW projects speak for themselves: iVIEW analyses millions of data items in seconds and reduces the complexity of data integration by 60%. As a result, ready-to-implement BI-based platforms and working prototypes can be realised within a few hours. This agile approach corresponds above all to the needs of SMEs that are less experienced with BI who want to work towards a suitable solution step by step. Together with the wealth of experience of Informatec BI developers and consultants, targeted and customised BI solutions arise on the basis of iVIEW, without frills, unnecessary costs or time wasting.

Unique, thanks to «FAST» and «Individual-Standard»

iVIEW was rigorously designed as a generic BI modular solution. Thanks to its standardised «FAST» logic, it can be used quickly and yet individually. «FAST» represents best practice and client-specific KPIs (Figures), for a clear and proven BI project approach (Approach), for the integration of all individually existing data sources such as ERP, CRM, PIM, etc. (Sources) and also for the underlying BI engine (Technology). Informatec mainly uses the BI technologies of Qlik and Jedox for analyses, reporting and planning, but thanks to the generic quality of iVIEW is now also able to realise solutions on other technological platforms. The resulting mixture of the use of established software technologies and methods with simultaneous individualisation of customer requirements makes iVIEW a unique «individual-standard BI» with high added value for its users.

Our FAST concept


The ideal foundation for industry solutions

In practice, iVIEW is ideal for building BI solutions in all industries and fields of application. Informatec now has relevant experience from over 250 BI projects in various sectors of the economy and five certifications: segment expertise retail & services, energy & utilities, manufacturing & high tech, financial services and healthcare. Further certifications are currently in preparation.

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