With Sense Excel, you analyze and visualize using the familiar Excel front-end, but faster, more reliable, more flexible and with as much data as you want. No matter from which source systems.

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  • Sense Excel - "Analysis just the way you like it" with AKQUINET

Qlik Sense Power for your Excel Reporting

  • Complete adoption of Qlik Sense control logic and interactive functions in Excel

  • Integration of mass data from any source systems, including real-time data feeds

  • High-performance data processing by in-memory technology


The sales department wants to evaluate mass data from different source systems for customer analyzes? The controlling department would like to map the income statement in the usual Excel mode? With Sense Excel goes both. In real time and on the basis of a uniform data model, the same KPIs and the same dimensions. Provide a "single-source-of-truth" and let your employees have a free choice of front-end when building dashboards.

Sense Excel

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Qlik Sense

Unleash your intuitions

Qlik Sense is a revolutionary application, which anyone can use to create self-service data visualisation, personalised reports and dynamic dashboards.


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