WEBINAR on demand: Discover DataRobot

Published on 25.04.2020

Webinar on demand: "Enough with the TrAIningslager! Score faster and better with AI and Automated Machine Learning"

Webinar on demand from Thursday 23 April 2020 (11h00 - 12h00)


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Athletes, no matter what sport, have never won a competition by playing exclusively on the training ground. Likewise, Data Scientists have never contributed to the creation of value in companies by exclusively training AI models. Neither "rocket scientists" nor huge "data swamps" are required to bring promising solutions (use cases) into production. 

We show you with some practical examples how Automated Machine Learning based on DataRobot can help to quickly achieve better predictions.


To the on demand Webinar (Language: German)


Automated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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DataRobot is the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for companies that want to benefit from today's intelligence revolution and achieve sustainable, measurable ROI. DataRobot's Enterprise AI platform democratizes data science by providing end-to-end automation for creating, deploying and managing machine learning models.

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Boris Cordes

Boris Cordes


Director Channels Central Europe

Christian Fischer

Christian Fischer


Head of Sales / Partner


To the on demand Webinar

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