On-Demand Webinar - See your Data clearly

Published on 17.11.2022

It’s time to see your business data clearly with iVIEW Library

iVIEW Library

In data-heavy organizations, KPIs can become confused and lost, with duplications, redundancies and changes in logic invalidating them altogether. iVIEW Library provides businesses with a new level of self service by functioning as a single point of truth for all Qlik content. This allows businesses to master the tracking and management of their KPIs within a central library that makes these KPIs measurable, actionable, and transparent and includes comprehensive automation capabilities, easy accessing, management, and deployment of important Qlik data through an intuitive standalone web application. These features combine to give your business a holistic view of its Qlik data and make data governance easier than ever before.

Join us and start mastering the management of your data with iVIEW Library.

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Live webinar - see your Data clearly

In this webinar, we'll introduce you to iVIEW Library and his functionalities.

On-Demand webinar


Andrew Hughes

Andrew Hughes

BI Consultant




    • Short introduction Informatec
    • Live-Demo iVIEW Library
    • Q&A


    on-Demand webinar



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