New BI Industry Solution: iVIEW for EVU

Published on 13.03.2018

Business Intelligence for energy suppliers



Informatec is launching a newly developed and comprehensive business intelligence industry solution for energy suppliers on the basis of iVIEW and Abacus and in cooperation with AXEPT Business Software AG. Customers benefit from an integrated solution from a single source, a wide range of services and short implementation times.

iVIEW, the standardized business intelligence solution for SMUs, together with representatives of the energy industry, was expanded specifically for the energy utilities sector as part of an implementation project. iVIEW for EVU enables the energy suppliers to aggregate and present data from Abacus and IS-E. For this purpose, components from the Abacus Business Software and the energy billing software IS-E were modeled in such a way that the solution can be integrated easily and in a standardized manner into the energy supplier's environment.

In iVIEW for EVU, a wide variety of key performance indicators in the areas of finance, infrastructure, market and employee management are mapped and can be made available in a user-oriented way via access management. By means of a "drill-down" function, the user can decide for himself to what depth of data he wants to move. The solution offers the possibility to quickly and reliably access information and distribute it as required.

"iVIEW for EVU" builds a bridge to the systems Abacus and IS-E, which are relevant for the energy supply companies, and offers completely new and simplified evaluations which otherwise have to be prepared in both systems. The new BI industry solution can be easily integrated into the standard iVIEW solution as an extension.


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