Qlik Sense Release February 2021

Published on 11.02.2021

You can look forward to improvements to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS in 2021 in the field of Augmented Analytics, Visualizations and Advanced Authoring, User Experience and Connectivity

Qlik Sense Release February 2021


this is what we can expect at a glance:

  • Insight Advisor Search: Analysis of change over time and Natural language generation 
  • Advanced authoring: master measures within expressions, improving productivity and governance
  • Grid chart: A new visualization that uses symbols of varying size sorted in a grid 
  • User experience: Customizable hub landing page 
  • Connectivity: Consolidated SAP connectivity 


Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS

Augmented Analytics:

Qlik has made significant enhancements to Augmented Analytics capabilities in a variety of areas. To begin, they have improved search-based analysis providing Analysis of change over time – Insight advisor will now generate multiple charts for a single analysis type, such as responding with analysis of data between two date periods through a combination of charts. Also, visual charts generated by Insight Advisor Search now have a new option to view narrative insights and interpretations of the data through natural language generation. You will also find enhancements to Qlik's conversational analytics powered by Insight Advisor, including follow-up suggestions for our users prompting further analysis and insights, along with improvements around contextual awareness when exploring data sets.

Visualizations and Advanced Authoring:

New visualizations were added to enhance the experience and consumption of dynamic information.

You will find a new grid chart that provides a highly effective way of visualizing measures across two dimensions along with a new video player allowing users to embed and play videos directly within an app.

We are also very excited about the use of master measures in expressions! This simple yet powerful enhancement allows users to dramatically improve productivity and governance around authoring.

Other advanced authoring capabilities include the ability to hide or show sheets based on conditions to target specific user groups within an app to tailor the experience.

User Experience:

Users can now customize their hub landing page: Customize and prioritize!


Qlik is releasing expanded SAP connectivity in Qlik Sense SaaS - delivering further value to end-to-end SAP Solutions. A new SAP BW connector within the Qlik Sense SaaS environment upgrades and merges the existing SAP InfoProviders and BEx connectors that are currently available in the Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-managed environment. They’ve also added a new connector for Amazon Athena and have enhanced SSO support to now have the option of storing credentials separately from the data connection and enforcing user specific credentials.


What's New Summary - Qlik Data Analytics - February 2021

Using master measures in expressions - Qlik Sense

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