Informatec and NodeGraph are working together to increase Qlik data quality

Published on 04.12.2018
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Exciting news – Informatec and NodeGraph will be working together to spread data quality throughout the Qlik community. Rino Mentil, CEO of Informatec, has this to say about the newfound partnership.

Informatec & NodeGraph

With NodeGraph, Informatec has found the right partner to complete its Qlik ecosystem and deliver substantial value to its Business Intelligence customers. Companies with complex Qlik landscapes can thus rely on well-structured technical documentation and clear data lineage, enhancing the reliability of their Qlik projects and saving time.

Who is NodeGraph? 

In short, NodeGraph offer a data quality platform for your QlikView and Qlik Sense Solutions with functionalities ranging from data lineage visualization to unit and regression testing. The broader belief at NodeGraph is that every person within an organization has the right to understand and make use of their data. And that’s where partners come in. We confidently depend on our growing network of partners to help create an environment where trust, understanding, and governance are key elements of data analysis – all over the world.


“It’s a fantastic feeling to add yet another team member to our partner network! It’s proving to be a fantastic channel for reaching new customers as well as a great form of knowledge-sharing between dedicated Qlik experts across the world. We look forward to developing our relationship with Informatec further.”

Carl Andersson,
Head of Sales at NodeGraph



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