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Learning from the practice

Companies in the healthcare sector such as hospitals and clinics can proactively face the current requirements in the healthcare sector with an industry-specific Business Intelligence (BI) solution and are optimally prepared for the coming challenges.

Come to our B-Break-Zvieri Event and find out how the University Hospital Basell and the Monvia Health Centre  have mastered their challenges. 

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The University Hospital Basel is one of the leading medical centres in Switzerland with a high internationally recognised standard. The doctors and nurses ensure the well-being, safety and recovery of the patients around the clock on the basis of the latest scientific findings and with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Monvia is a fast-growing subsidiary of CONCORDIA. The company is operationally independent and medically independent. Monvia currently employs more than 170 people. Long-term planning and commitment to the future of basic outpatient care determine its business policy.

Artificial Intelligence for hospital planning

CALYPS Artificial Intelligence ( CALAI )

CALAI Vorschau


The very difficult task of hospital planning & scheduling often exhibits inefficiencies which lead to high costs and less than ideal patient journeys. Calyps SA has developed an AI driven platform, called CALAI, to significantly improve this. CALAI improves upon traditional tools by using big data, its proprietary algorithms and cloud computing technology to produce fast, fact-based predictive (and ensuing prescriptive) results, in near real time. High accuracy and speed enable much faster and better decision making.

Driven by demand, two major hospital challenges i) Length of Stay Prediction (LOS) and ii) Emergency Ward Management (EWM) have led to CALAI’s two first tools. Proof of concept results for LOS showed predictive capabilities of a groundbreaking nature. Better LOS predictions enable more efficient bed and ward management. The AI powered platform also helps deal much better with unplanned events and complexities such as ones seen daily in emergency wards. The said improvements then allow staff more time to do what humans do best.

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Our break for healthcare professionals

  • B-Break-Zvieri


  • #B-Break-Zvieri 2019

    Thursday 19.09.2019

    15:15 - 17:30

    Villa Boveri, Ländliweg 5, 5400 Baden

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15h15 Arrival

15h30 Round of introductions, coffee & snacks

15h40 Short presentation Informatec

15h45 Presentation Calyps. Topic "Artificial Intelligence for hospital planning"

16h00 Presentation University Hospital Basel. Topic "Qlik Sense as self-service solution for USB"

16h30 Presentation Monvia Health Center. Topic: "Medical controlling at Monvia AG"

17h00 Networking, coffee & snacks

17h30 End of the event

Our BI know-how in Healthcare


  • Simon Neubauer

    Simon Neubauer

    Universitätsspital Basel

    Business Intelligence Senior Consultant

  • Giovanni Amantea

    Giovanni Amantea

    Monvia AG

    Leiter Controlling und Finanzen

  • Martin Schweighauser

    Martin Schweighauser

    Calyps SA

    Executive Management

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Impressions B-Break-Zvieri


Request your access to the workshop recordings here. You will receive the video link and the corresponding password by e-mail after entering your data.

  • Best Practice Session by Universitätsspital Basel 
  • Best Practice Session by Monvia Gesundheitszentrum
  • Presentation of the AI-based solution CALAI for hospital planning